Q3 2022

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Defender Upgrades Malaysia specialises in the restoration and upgrade of Land Rover Defenders. The company has gained a reputation in the region as an expert in its field. We take a look at the history of the Defender and why it has retained its popularity over the decades. Land Rovers have been around since the 1940s when Rover decided to design an all-terrain vehicle along the lines of the Willys Jeep. The official launch of the vehicle in 1948 prompted an order from the British Army and the first Land Rovers began to roll off the production line. As well as becoming a mainstay of the military, Land Rovers quickly became synonymous with the countryside with one in every farmer’s yard. By 1966, 500,000 vehicles had been produced. Originally introduced in the 1980s as Land Rover 110, 90, and 127, in the year 2000 the company rebranded the vehicles and the Land Rover Defender was born. Unsurprisingly, with its ability to go anywhere at any time, the Land Rover Defender has also become a symbol of adventures and expeditions across the globe. In recognition of this, the 2-millionth Defender was auctioned in 2015 to raise funds for charities including the International Red Cross and the Born Free Foundation. The versatility of the Land Rover Defender has captured the imaginations of hobbyists across the globe. One such is the Managing Director of Defender Upgrades Malaysia, Richard Vuilleumier. He tells us, “As a youngster, I loved getting outdoors and off-road on two wheels. As I got older I found myself favouring fourwheelers more and more. First I transitioned to ATVs (like quad bikes), then a UTV, and finally I got my first Land Rover Defender. It turned into an allconsuming passion.” And he’s not alone. In fact, upgrading and restoring Land Rover Defenders is big business. Being mechanically simple, these vehicles can be equipped for any type of expedition or endeavour. Land Rover Defenders not only take part in races such as the Paris to Dakar Rally, but you’ll also see them acting as support vehicles. In Malaysia, Land Rover has long been a household name with many older vehicles being collector’s items today. As a Land Rover enthusiast and hobbyist himself, Richard quickly realised that there was a gap in the market. Finding high-quality upgrade and restoration parts at a reasonable cost wasn’t easy. In 2017 he decided to change that, and Defender Upgrades Malaysia was born. Richard says, “ I knew that there were others like me out there and I wanted to serve them.” Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, offering a huge choice of upgrade options to its customers. In October 2021, Defender Upgrades Malaysia moved to its current, larger premises in Hulu Langat, 19 km South West of central Kuala Lumpur. Commenting on how Defender Upgrades Malaysia stands out from its competitors, Richard explains, “Defender Upgrades Malaysia is built on my passion for the Land Rover Defender. This is what we offer you: the best parts and upgrades for your Defender, with unparalleled service and reasonable prices.” And there is a dizzying choice of upgrade and restoration options available from adding alloy wheels to completely kitting out your vehicle for an expedition. The wonderful thing about the Land Rover Defender is that if there’s anything you need to make better, more efficient, more comfortable, or more practical, there’s a way to do it. And Defender Upgrades Malaysia knows exactly how to make that happen. For example, a basic Defender can be noisy to drive. Not so bad for short journeys, but if you’re using your vehicle every day, getting some quality soundproofing can make your time at the wheel much more pleasurable. Defender Upgrades Malaysia uses Dynamat to do this. The product not only dampens sound, but it’s also a heat proofer. This helps to regulate the interior temperature of the vehicle and reduce condensation. If you’re driving in towns and cities you may notice that the large turning circle of a standard Defender makes it hard to park or carry out certain manoeuvres. Fitting lower offset wheels can help with this making the vehicle easier to manoeuvre. You can also make the suspension better, the clutch lighter, the headlights brighter, and change the stereo system. The options are endless. Customising Defenders to each exact requirement is the company’s speciality. But it doesn’t end there. Bringing old Defenders to life by fully restoring them is where Richard’s company truly shines. From rebuilding engines to reupholstering interiors and adding beds and expedition roof-racks, Defender Upgrades Malaysia has the expertise to build the Defender of your dreams – no matter the initial condition. As well as upgrades and restorations, the company also provides a parts replacement service for Defender and Discovery models. Winning Best Specialist Vehicle Restoration & Upgrades Company – Malaysia is no small feat, and we want to congratulate Defender Upgrades Malaysia for its prestigious work in the industry. To find out more please visit the Defender Upgrades Malaysia website. Contact: Richard Vuilleumier Company: Defender Upgrades Malaysia Web Address: www.defenderupgrades.com.my Best Specialist Vehicle Restoration & Upgrades Company – Malaysia Apr22324