Q3 2022

adequate, sector, and issue focused capacity building, with IndonesiaWISE becoming a pioneer and thought leader. Delivering projects based on its core values of creativity, responsibility, integrity, service, and passion, it looks forward to working in partnership with its clients. From the strategy design phase to the social and alignment phase, the deadline and execution stages, and the final evaluation and flexible adjustments phase, it champions collaboration and teamwork, with initiatives involving everyone regardless of skill level or experience. Nominally, IndonesiaWISE takes pride in being the continuity factor that unites a company and keeps it united, even through the tumult that the pandemic caused for its clients and for it as an entity. Such tumult involved deficits in previously lucrative sectors such as manufactured exports, tourism and retail. Thus, IndonesiaWISE found itself having to adapt in new and previously unforeseen ways that allowed it to ride out the shock waves rippling through economic powerhouses such as the USA, China, and the EU; despite the hurdles involved, IndonesiaWISE pulled through the challenges with flying colours. With the coming decades showing a renewed worldwide focus on sustainable development, IndonesiaWISE forecasts a bright future for itself and its clients. This is even further emboldened by its unique selling point as a company, one that allows it to take a values-oriented and professional approach to a strategic advisory and management consulting service, a far cry from many of its competitors who have recently come under fire for impracticality. Indeed, much of the time, such impracticalities can damage the client that said consulting firms are trying to help by trying to make strategies from developed countries fit a different scale of economy without adequate customization. This, of course, is folly, and not something IndonesiaWISE wishes to indulge. Instead, it adopts and tailor makes its consultation strategies to fit the economic, social, and environmental status of the countries it works within, allowing it to make itself relevant and empathic towards its clients at every turn. Through the partnerships that this enables, it has been able to carve itself a unique niche within its industry, and benefit accordingly, allowing it to pay these benefits directly forwards onto its micro-SME clients, especially with projects regarding supply chain development and inclusive growth. IndonesiaWISE’s staff have worked hard to cultivate this kind of atmosphere within the business by fighting against greenwashing, only participating in projects where the dedication to environmental betterment is provable and genuine, hiring people who are passionate and enthusiastic to help make its goals a reality. Going forward, IndonesiaWISE looks forward to approaching the future with a renewed vigour, excited to see demand for its services increasing and looking forward to stepping up to fulfil its client’s needs. With inspirational leadership and a collaborative work ethic, the company intends to continue to make significant contributions in the vital area of SDG-linked sustainability capacity building. Company: IndonesiaWISE Contact: Amol Titus Web: www.indonesiawise.com IndonesiaWISE has helped the banking sector develop competencies & frameworks related to Sustainable Finance Youth and gender empowerment continue to be areas of focus in Sustainability Capacity Building effors pioneered by IndonesiaWISE