Q3 2022

May22239 May22515 As one of the world’s leading emerging economies, emboldened by fresh new ideas and a youthful population, Indonesia is home to many companies making waves in the international market. IndonesiaWISE, led by senior strategic advisor, writer, and educator Mr Amol Titus, is one such company, aiding its clients in reaching success through sustainability in all senses of the term, from environmental work to social responsibility efforts and financial management. A principal subsidiary of EmergingWISE, IndonesiaWISE is a critical part of this strategic advisory and management consulting group. Nominally, it was set up in 2008 with WISE as part of its name, alluding to the principles that make up the supporting pillars of the company: Winning, Innovation, Sustainability, and Excellence. These constitute the attitudes that it has been keen to instil in each of its teams since its inception, resulting in a company that is well aligned with the priorities of its clients – both multinational and domestic – and able to serve them in a holistic and effective manner. After all, it recognises that when it comes to sustainability, many emerging markets can feel lost in the weeds trying to navigate the different legislative measures and relevant governing bodies that oversee such things, and thus wishes to support its clients through this and the implementation of practical solutions. Working across the ASEAN market, IndonesiaWISE has made itself a pioneer in sustainability capacity development in several different areas. These can be described as follows. Firstly, socialisation and adoption of ESG practices; IndonesiaWISE works hard to help its clients find their region’s environmental, social, and governance practices and incorporate them into their businesses seamlessly, allowing for the resulting enhancement of environmental health and safety standards in line with global standards. Compliance with the social standards of key export markets such as Europe, the USA, and Japan can define whether a company would even be allowed to trade there – ensuring that such antidiscrimination and good working environment practices are strictly implemented will benefit the client’s company in both the short and long term. Impact-driven CSR is also another important element of its consulting work, as the field of education and vocational training is under significant additional pressure thanks to the large market of young people in major ASEAN regions such as Indonesia, where over 60% of the population is under 30 years of age. Thus, corporate social responsibility and incorporating strategies that allow a company to contribute to social health is pivotal. IndonesiaWISE also helps its clients to develop frameworks and competencies in sustainable finance, facilitating critical investments in projects that will see their companies thrive for years to come. By adopting a long term partnership approach it also helps them set up action plans paved with achievable milestones. Moreover, its collaborative measures in tandem with several reputable international stakeholders ensure that its clients have access to an increasingly globalised world, one that allows them to benefit from sustainable tourism as a key driver of local economic growth in key destinations. Its identification of sustainable supply chains, expertise in skills development and university outreach is also second to none, making meaningful experiences in sustainable development that become possible with IndonesiaWISE: Leading Pioneers for Sustainability Capacity Building Initiatives 2022 Mr Amol Titus CEO IndonesiaWISE (5th from right) inspiring North Sumatera Sustainable Tourism stakeholders IndonesiaWISE has pioneered ESG capacity building in major manufacturing centers in the country