Q3 2022

Jun22262 You deserve quality. That’s why Fuku Studio strives to produce luxurious, statement furniture pieces that can be tailored to your needs. Indeed, the Malaysian business is the height of opulence, and therefore, its products are in great demand. Comfort should always be prioritised when designing the perfect home. It should be tailored to you and your family’s needs – it should inspire, relax, and reflect who you are. A home is a place to learn, to feel happy and calm. Fuku, which has been borrowed from Japanese, roughly translates to good fortune and wellness – and this is what Fuku Studio hopes to introduce to people’s homes. Founded by a family of home living enthusiasts with a background in interior design, furniture design, engineering, and manufacturing, Fuku Studio is – in its most simple form – a contemporary furniture design studio that is heavily influenced by Asian cultures, particularly Japanese and Chinese. Such furniture pieces are infused with cultural phenomena, which Fuku Studio explores, analyses, and observes. Consequently, since its founding in 2020, the company has attracted a wide range of clients. Fuku Studio’s main clientele consists of affluent individuals in their 30s and 40s who are willing to spend more in order to gain better value. Such clients understand the importance of quality – if something is well built, it will last. Fuku Studio’s products are manufactured locally in Malaysia and are made to order, as this ensures that the piece will be of an exceptional standard. Supporting these operations is a young, talented team consisting of passionate individuals. Each team member is self-motivated and partakes in the shared goal of showcasing the design quality and refining the home living lifestyle standards. Moreover, Fuku Studio opts to hire those who are involved in the art and design worlds, as it endeavours to arm itself with those that align with its ethos. The team, as a result, works harmoniously and consistently innovates. However, the company’s success has been accompanied by a number of hurdles – the Covid-19 pandemic being one of them. The aftershocks of the initial outbreak are still having a large impact on Malaysian businesses. For example, the price inflation of raw materials and logistics is causing a great amount of instability – henceforth, this is having negative ramifications on the purchasing power of the local clients heavily and, in turn, buyers are becoming more conservative when it comes to the purchasing of luxurious goods. Despite these challenges, Fuku Studio’s future is set to be incredibly successful. It plans to introduce a larger range of products to the market, with many being completely new and unique to the business. Furthermore, Fuku Studio’s current mission is to transgress the boundary of technical limitations of product design by working with highly skilled, local craftsmen. Once it has finalised its full collection of designs, the company hopes to introduce its furnishings to the international market and make a statement that Malaysia can design and produce exclusive products. Contact: Vilit Lau Company: Fuku Studio Web: www.fukustudio.com Most Client-Focused Furniture Design Studio - Malaysia