Q3 2022

Jan22686 We rely on power for everything in our modern world. From home to office use, off-grid setups to construction endeavours, and much more. Sunpower Renewables ensures we have everything we need to stay connected – and empowered whilst doing so. Here we look to its Co-Founder and CSO, Nitasha Badhwar, for inspiration as she leads Sunpower and its unmatched products – ultimately improving the energy industry, for the future of renewable power. Best Energy Storage Product Co-Founder (APAC): Nitasha Badhwar Through practical, simple, and wise research and practice, we could all be saving money and energy with smart renewable solutions. It is of utmost importance that we shop around to find something that really works for us. However, there is no need to look any further with the force of Sunpower Renewables. Sunpower Renewables works for industrial, commercial, residential, and off-grid requirements, so – no matter where you are, or what you’re doing – you don’t have to worry where your energy is going to come from. With its powerful Intelligent Energy Storage System (IESS), Sunpower Renewables has forged a partnership with all of its customers – and created a better relationship between us and the planet. Co-Founder and CSO, Nitasha Badhwar, stands tall as she leads the way to more sustainable energy use. Aware of the costs and the limitations we have with energy – with relation to the earth’s resources – she truly understands that we must switch to renewable energy for the foreseeable future. Nitasha is extremely passionate about sustainability and has always had sustainable energy at heart. Promoting innovative cleantech solutions that are ahead of the curve in the industry, Nitasha encourages the quick adaptation to renewable energy around the globe. Co-founding Sunpower Renewables, Nitasha contributes and collaborates for its every move, development, and project – so as to change any industry with pioneering energy supplies and renewal. With two decades in her career, she has applied her leadership throughout her roles – working towards delivering the best service for the end customer, whilst supporting those who work for the company. As an advocate of sustainability and eradication of fossil fuel usage, Nitasha promises energy independence for all. She – along with her team – changed the way we see durability in renewables and STEM technology. Her career has meant starting and leading many teams to create a better connection for electric vehicle chargers, urban solar installations, large utility-scale projects, and much more – all with a focus on solar and hydrogen technologies to replace unsustainable resources such as diesel. Nitasha is an alum of Monash University (Australia), UWC (Singapore), and British School (India). She is also a member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), the Clean Energy Council, Australia, and a founding member of the Victorian Cleantech Cluster (VCC). With an impressive background in business, Nitasha is making waves in the industry. It is this type of connectivity that propels her forward in her career. Heading the company, Nitasha has created a space for research and expansion so that customers can experience the best products. After all, it’s all about providing the best end product. Sunpower Renewables’ hand-held products are offered for camping, home powering, defence, and humanitarian aid. These products were made to replace portable diesel generators and home inverters so that renewable energy can play a bigger part in our everyday lives. Not only does Sunpower Renewables present us with hand-held devices, but it also shares a variety of gridconnected solutions for largercapacity grid-connected energy. These products all allow us to run large projects with energy being generated, renewed, and stored in a way that also offers reverse net metering – to profit from feeding excess energy back to the grid. All of Sunpower Renewable’s products are straightforward, durable, and work 24/7/365. They require absolutely no installation or maintenance and are guaranteed to provide energy for you without costing the earth. Cultivating an atmosphere for business growth, Nitasha has worked tirelessly to ensure the business has everything it needs to succeed. With respect for the planet, and us as inhabitants, sustainability is the very backbone of Sunpower Renewables. Sunpower Renewables teaches us how to take our power back – and Nitasha is holding the torch. Contact: Nitasha Badhwar Company: Sunpower Renewables Web: www.sprenewables.com May22458