Q3 2022

Mar22270 FMe ba r22 2523790 Damnzai is a Singapore-based digital marketing consultancy and agency specialising in ROI-driven digital advertising and marketing. Having achieved such outstanding success within the Singapore Business Awards 2022, we take a closer look at the how the agency helps clients to reach new heights in terms of their business growth. Everything the Damnzai team does is centred around the core mission of helping clients to sell more and work less. Therefore, every service the agency offers is primarily conversion-driven, designed to fuel growth and produce results. In its aim to help its clients work less, Damnzai has designed its processes and client service to be a neat, minimalistic, and clean experience. It believes that working with an agency shouldn’t feel like running on a treadmill – and its clients love how it takes co-ownership of their marketing goals so they can achieve more and work less! The agency doesn’t believe in vague marketing; it focuses on building targeted campaigns that have a defined goal and call to action. It isn’t about posting pictures and captions on social media, to “build exposure” and then wait for customers to walk in. That can feel like watching paint dry, and Damnzai just isn’t that kind of agency! As a result of working with Damnzai, clients can expect to see a clear spike of traffic coming in – enquiries, new customers, signups, sales! It isn’t interested in small marginal growth, or trickles of traffic here and there. Damnzai strives for significant wins for its clients, and clear, attributable results. It promises clients powerful streams of new customers and drastic growth. Key to strong growth is being able to see it. Damnzai will supply the client with a monthly detailed report on every outcome of their marketing spend, meaning 100 % measurable outcomes. They will be able to see exactly their return on marketing, their unique reach, the conversion ratios, and the attributable sales. All very tangible, and not at all abstract or vague. Damnzai works with all kinds of brands, all different shapes and sizes to transform their digital marketing strategy, including Herbal Pharm, Senoko energy, Asia Square, Léle Bakery, AXA Insurance, and many more. It believes in the brands it markets for, and it markets for brands it believes in. It doesn’t expect its people to market a product or service that they couldn’t see themselves using. So, how exactly does Damnzai go about helping its clients? Firstly, it can support those who are struggling to find the right words for their campaign. Its copywriters will work their magic to bring brand stories and ideas to life in a way that is imaginative and exciting, turning cold prospects into interested customers. Next, it’s about visuals. Damnzai’s designers and creatives are brilliant. They know that the average human attention span is just seven seconds, and they know exactly how to capture it. This is done by crafting the perfect ad to attract the attention of each target audience so they are intrigued to want to find out more. Alongside that, the agency uses big data and a programmatic approach to deliver the client’s message to specific targeted audiences with laser-like precision, by age, gender, demographics, specific interests, and behavioural trends. But, what if someone interacts with the website or ads and doesn’t buy something immediately? The trick is to not let them get away. Damnzai’s retargeting strategy tracks and recaptures any lost prospects with a series of followup media to turn them back into piping hot leads. Behind making each of these services happen are teams with deep strategic expertise. Most agencies might be looking only at top-of-funnel media buy, but Damnzai goes deep, looking at every stage of the customer journey, offering clients unique data, insights, and recommendations. It wants to make sure that beyond clicks, the client’s raw traffic is converting into what really matters: loyal customers and growth. Company: Damnzai Pte Ltd Best Conversion Driven Advertising Specialists 2022