Q3 2022

Feb22538 Multi-award-winning hair salon Alarah Hair Studio has long been considered a pacesetter in Melbourne’s beauty industry, defined by a steadfast dedication to client service and in honing its expert team. Following its well-deserved win in the 2022 Australian Enterprise Awards, we looked to find out more about this studio and its work. The beauty industry is notoriously difficult to exceed in. Partnering a highly competitive atmosphere, with sky high expectations and an absolute need for client centricity, only the very best are sure to excel and distance themselves from all other available offerings. It’s fair to say that Alarah Hair Studio (Alarah) has certainly achieved that, and much more besides. Indeed, when it comes to hair salons, there are few that can compete in the region – and perhaps – country. Much of this comes down to the robust foundation that Alarah was built on: friendly customer service and a highly skilled, expert team. These pillars ensure that every client leaves happy, and more than satisfied with their visit. Catering to men, women and non-binary clients all, Alarah has secured three consecutive HBIA awards, namely: 2019 Blonde Award & Cutting Award, 2018 as an award winning Stylist, and in 2017, an award winning Colourist and Stylist. Alarah’s high esteem allowed it to weather the COVID-19 pandemic and thrive in the aftermath. Many others were not so lucky, but this ultimately speaks as testament to its clientele and reputation. Alarah’s future is defined by this recovery, and in capitalising on any ground lost over the last two years. The team’s work, after all, speaks for itself. Company: Alarah Hair Studio Email: [email protected] Address: 9593 6082 | 336 St Kilda Road, St Kilda, 3182 9587 2579 | 1A/131 Parkers Road, Parkdale Vic 3195 Web: www.alarahstudio.com.au Best Men’s & Women’s Hair Salon - South East Melbourne Feb22094