Q3 2022

MIBS has kept its focus on how it may best add value to elements of customer service by listening to client feedback and acting on its accordingly. This means cultivating a humble and empathic attitude within its staff. It achieves this by ensuring that a growth-focused mindset is present in each new hire, as it can teach everything about the business to a recruit except how to have the right attitude that will allow them to fit into the team. It considers best fit as of the highest import when it comes to hiring, as it has built its team to be one that communicates well between itself and is able to project the positive atmosphere within outwards towards clients when serving them and going about their business. This helps staff to foster the core values that exist with the company, and to keep them alive within themselves. Nominally, with this united front in mind and all its professionals being on the same page, MIBS can put its best foot forward in its industry and the wider world both, empowered by the incredible staff that form its backbone and make it a true delight to interact with for any client. Company: MIBS Contact: Joseph Pham Telephone: +84 (0) 909 766 365 Email: [email protected] Website: mibs.com.vn