Q3 2022

May22239 MIBS is a world-renowned event management and communications specialist that has been working hard to secure itself as a key player in its industry. Indeed, it has managed this by continually providing the best customer service and most efficient solutions in both of its specialisms, able to handle everything from event catering to promotional material in its event management branch, and everything from public relations to social media footprint development in its communications branch. No matter what, the utmost client satisfaction is its core priority. Established in 2012, specialising in event management, marketing strategy, and communications, MIBS has provided its exemplary services for all manner of globally established industry leaders over its time in operation. From Nestle and Coca-Cola to Vinamilk, Perfetti Van Melle, and Takeda Vietnam, this Vietnamese company has been thrust to prominence in its industry by its client base thanks to the way it constantly demonstrates its skills, diligence, and the invaluable growth brought on by its hard work. Moreover, this company has been making waves with its corporate social responsibility. Its attitude towards this is that it is its duty to use its success to help those who need it the most, from community aid in funding educational schemes, to environmentally focused initiative contributions and even rehoming orphaned children affected by Covid-19. Being an agency that focuses primarily on the cost-effective delivery of high quality solutions, its multiple angles and competencies have gone a long way towards making it the wellrespected worldwide brand it is today. In its event management side of things, MIBS can help a client to manage everything from the creative launch of an event to the promotional side of things, helping the event and the news of when and where it is happening get to the right people, generating buzz. With this buzz having been kickstarted, and the excitement about the event truly taking off, then MIBS can continue to help a client with their event management by aiding them to organise the entertainment and catering. Of course, this is not an extensive list of its competencies. Within its communications arm of the business, it provides a full range of strategic networking tools, all of which will help a client to stand out perfectly, even in the competitive corporate world in which we live that can somehow seem like such a daunting place to make waves in, even for established enterprises. Communication trends and styles can be a fickle thing, and it reassures its clients that by putting their faith in its expertise, above all it will be able to take the stress off of them in keeping abreast of such things, instead allowing them to trust the experts. By giving them the power or harnessing great communications and event management, MIBS has made itself an invaluable partner in the growth of several of the world’s greatest and biggest players. Developing as a company along the way, its passionate and dedicated staff each handle every single task that comes across their desk with a level of professionalism and efficiency that clients cannot help but recognise as utterly exemplary, working with MIBS an incredible experience from start to finish. Critically, for MIBS, a client’s success is its success, and it is uninterested in upselling, leading a client, or recommending bells and whistles they don’t need. By operating in this manner, MIBS ensures that it is serving its clients and their businesses on time and within budget on a reliable basis, showing them how best to save money and still achieve the flawless event or communications outreach program that they wanted to see made. Building not just great projects, but great trust as a result, MIBS team handles public relations, advertising, social media, digital marketing, and more with flawless precision. Thus, despite its now global foothold in the event management and communications industry, it maintains a friendly local ethos towards its clients and communities. With expansion on the horizon and rapid business expansion forecasted for the next few years, its core values will remain commitment, innovation, and efficiency in all things, all with the ethos of making the world a better place than it was when it started as a driving influence. In addition, its vision of becoming the leading, client-trusted partner in the provision of the most innovative new communications and events logistics solutions has earned it the respect of its peers as well as the appreciation of its clients. This has allowed it to work alongside many of the biggest players in its field to canvas for and provide superior value, superior service, and superior solutions to its clients that go above and beyond expectations every time. The totally comprehensive and holistic eventing solutions that result are what brings clients back time and again. Instead of taking a combative, comparative approach to its competitors, it opts for a more sustainable confidence in itself that means it need not compare, as it knows it is working incredibly hard to keep itself at the head of the pack. Extremely stalwart in its excellence of service, community minded activities, and charitable contributions, Established in 2012, specialising in event management, marketing strategy, and communications, MIBS has provided its exemplary services for all manner of globally established industry leaders over its time in operation. Best Event Management & Communications Company - Vietnam