Q3 2022

Apr22102 The Covid-19 pandemic showcased the importance of digital learning in a spectacular fashion, and as a result, EdTech has become an increasingly important industry. At the epicentre of this explosion is ReSkills EdTech, a company founded by the experienced entrepreneur, Jin Tan. Join us as we speak to him about the award-winning business and his journey as its CEO. Founded in 2020, ReSkills EdTech is a company that strives to make education more accessible, especially to those who may not be able to afford it elsewhere. As such, the company has built a highly diverse, international clientele, that is comprised of people from a plethora of backgrounds. The company’s genesis spawned from the challenges brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic. The company’s creator and CEO, Jin Tan, explains, ‘I started ReSkills EdTech as a response to the fractured state of the education industry during the age of the pandemic. Physical distancing rules and fears of infection made face to face contact difficult, making it difficult for students to physically attend classes. This reduction of physical classes also meant many excellent coaches, trainers and educators were out of a job.’ This realisation served to be the fundamental idea behind the company’s mission – ReSkills EdTech would provide the public with access to education and place highly-talented educators into secure jobs. It was a win-win situation. Consequently, ReSkills EdTech has become enormously successful, boasting thousands of online classes and learning materials for just $12 a year. Jin Tan has, in essence, created a platform that will benefit not only a contemporary audience, but also future generations. As tuition fees skyrocket, and education slips from the grasp of many, this service is vital. He continues, ‘I believe that no matter your creed, colour or background, you should have access to quality education. These principles trickle down to every aspect of ReSkills: we keep prices reasonable to provide students with the highest levels of accessibility to our classes and conduct special classes for the hearing impaired through our Deaf Learning department.’ Furthermore, this devotion to people and fairness trickles over into his approach to customer interactions. Empathy is at the core of his decisions – he consistently strives to place himself in the shoes of the customer, as this helps him to understand their wants, needs, and pain points. He prioritises listening and building a mutual understanding. ‘My mission is always to achieve a winwin situation where everyone benefits. I do my best to make my words and conduct reflect this desire as much as possible,’ he adds. ‘I like to believe my leadership style is a combination of participative and transformational leadership,’ he notes. ‘It is participative in that I try to involve my team members in the operations and direction of the company. I believe that employees are the lifeblood of a company, and their views and ideas are appreciated and taken into account. Each member of ReSkills has their own talents and knowledge and making use of all of them will only bring the company to new heights.’ Indeed, whilst Jin Tan, as CEO, always makes the final decision, his employees’ opinions are paramount to his decisionmaking process. These insights enable him to push ReSkills EdTech in the perfect direction – ‘my leadership can also be described as transformational, as I have a definite vision for my company, and am determined to work towards it.’ Henceforth, in 2022, the company is racing towards expansion. There are numerous plans in the works to increase the platform’s number of features and to introduce a range of new collaborators that will help to bolster the company’s position in the market. It will also be delving into new technology, including the Metaverse, as it believes ‘that not long from now, extended realities will be as intertwined into our day to day lives as much the Internet is today, and can be successfully utilised to provide holistic and revolutionary new learning experiences for students anywhere.’ Contact: Jin Tan Company: ReSkills EdTech Web Address: www.reskills.com EdTech CEO of the Year 2022: Jin Tan