Q3 2022

Jan22686 Having made itself a front-runner in the sale of alcohol to a hugely diverse client base, Vittorio Spirits has endeared itself to its market with its wide range of products and its true understanding of customer needs. With its efforts having been recognised both in its home country of Australia and further afield, its traditional Greek recipes and dependable dedication to the service of its industry are continually increasing its current pre-eminence in the spirits sector. Best Handcrafted Spirits Producer 2022 Founded by Tom Christopoulos, Australian based company Vittorio Spirits has built a reputation for contemporary blends that utilise exemplary traditional recipes. Fundamentally, these recipes come from the founder’s own Greek heritage, having brought over a love and passion for brewing the spirits that his ancestors have been creating for generations, and he has been excited to share these with the Australian market. Its handcrafted, awardwinning products allow it to give its customers the chance to experience a taste unlike anything they’ll have tried before, taking the Australian spirits community by storm and quickly making itself a household name both with its peers and its consumers. Moreover, its efforts have become recognised in the international marketplace, having earned 54 awards in local and international spheres, many of which it has received multiple times due to the continually exemplary work it brings to bear, from high quality products to impeccable customer service. This is all emboldened further by the goals and values that create the highest quality products and make its consumers happy and satisfied each time, expanding the target market in order to reach all manner of various demographics and continually expand its reach. The diversity of clients it serves allow it ensure that it does not stagnate. Indeed, Vittorio Spirits has never been one to rest on its laurels, instead focusing on keeping each of its products thoroughly able to speak for itself by listening to client feedback and opinion, acting on them accordingly. By paying attention to market shifts and consumer demand, it has been able to keep up well with the changing tastes of an expansive demographic, with its customer base being made up of older people, younger people, creatives, business experts, and many more; indeed, this ensures that Vittorio Spirits is always being kept on its toes. Its approachable, socialmedia based presence and locally sourced ingredients have endeared it to an array of people, with locally sourced ingredients to hand that differentiate it from its peers. Thus, it maintains that the most important ingredient that goes into each one of its spirits is love. Collaborating with its staff on an empathetic and understanding level that allows each of them to feel heard and seen, its team is self-motivated and endlessly impressive, communicating on an inter-personal level to ensure each of them feels valued by the company. Therefore, despite the challenges caused by Covid-19 – of which there were many – it would like to extend its thanks to its clients and staff alike for their continued faith, belief, and loyalty, allowing it to further solidify its place in the market and release its all-new boutique wines under the ‘Cheeky7Wines’ brand. Vittorio Spirits is about to be renamed to 1946 Distilling and, in the coming months, this will be part of a complete brand refresh – one that will allow it to introduce new customers into the fold with its existing Cerberus RTD brand that sells four flavoured Ouzo cans. It is overwhelmed with joy since it has released its three new gins as part of its Serpent and Dove range. It is extremely excited to continue with is impeccable service of its market with each of these new arms of its business. Company: Vittorio Spirits Contact: Gina Sabaziotis Website: vittoriospirits.com.au Apr22046