Q3 2022

Based across Edinburgh, New York, and Bangkok, Envelicus lives and works by its motto of ‘putting gloves on the hands of the people who need them’. With a focus on providing the best medical and industrial gloves in the market place this company has been driven forward by the vision of its visionary CEO, Cameron Young, reaching new heights of success as a result. Its worldwide sales team, diverse client base, and efficient processes have all set it head and shoulders above its peers, something that Cameron is passionate about maintaining into the future. Envelicus as a company has made a name for itself initially within the international PPE industry. Previously, it focused on the acquisition of the now coveted capacity contracts from brands, manufacturers, and distributors of Personal Protective Equipment, but this has recently changed to focus specifically on nitrile gloves, following the vision of CEO Cameron Young. Young an – Edinburgh born, now Thailand based – entrepreneur and frontrunner, had been supporting his father through a battle with cancer. When his father caught Covid in 2020 and passed away in April, Young found himself spurred into action to help prevent any more loss of life in any way he can. This manifested in a move into gloves for the medical sector that help maintain impeccable standards of hygiene in medical environments. After all, by giving professionals and medical centres access to the best quality made gloves, the safety of both patients and professionals alike are better safeguarded against contagious diseases transmitted by the handling of a contaminant. Through his deliberate, pragmatic, and well thought out approach to business, Young managed to set up a business based on a solid foundation with watertight backroom processes and a commitment to a five year vision which would see them as one of the leading players in the industry by 2025. Indeed, when Envelicus first started, this industry was woefully lacking in the medical gloves they vitally needed to safely manage Covid. This further emboldened Young in his strides towards making his company the linchpin that gets this supply chain back on track, the excellence that he was able to cultivate propelling him into the spotlight in the global market as well as in his home nation of Scotland. Being an unprecedented company operating in unprecedented times, Envelicus began to disrupt the market with its well-rounded team of diverse intellectuals, standardised processes, and unwavering commitment to the quality of its products. Its team, therefore, have truly become the backbone of this business. Young gathered a pool of staff around him that are each uniquely qualified, from a variety of backgrounds and able to provide a wide myriad of perspectives to every business decision so that Envelicus can take the most informed next step. Thus, using his existing knowledge of international business, finance, and logistics, Young was able to collaborate with industry leaders in sales, sourcing, finance, administration, software, and governmental policy to create an unshakable core for Envelicus that has allowed it to endear itself to all manner of clients since. Serving public, private, and governmental clients alike, their gloves are now used in all manner of medical facilities and the company now services the industrial market, including six to eight million gloves being used in a variety of industries such as automotive, oil and gas, and gas and marine. Moreover, using his family connections in the Philippines as a springboard, Young began to mobilise his team in order to move into regions beyond the UK and America, taking the Envelicus message of front-running glove buyers to the South East Asian region and other Asian territories, quickly gaining traction in this market. Obtaining true ‘currency’ in the nitrile space by way of establishing its trade networks early, it has been able to go from strength to strength over the past couple of years. Secure, dependable, and wide-reaching, its secured product capacity proved a gateway through which other opportunities could make themselves known, gaining more clients through customer review and client referral as its peers and market segment alike picked up the buzz around Envelicus. This became even more true as the pandemic wore on and OTG strategies that had previously been successful began to peter off. The Envelicus educated buyers on the merits of production on a daily basis, always leaving the door open for those with ongoing glove needs if they went elsewhere and struggled, gaining many previously uninterested clients later down the line as a result of the humble and friendly attitude of the business. Young himself then moved to Thailand, and has lived there since, acting in-person as a liaison officer for existing customer orders, enhancing partnerships with current manufacturers, and expending the capacity of its partners, peers, and market segment through hard work and a deep understanding of their needs. The direct result of this has been Envelicus cutting its fiveyear plan short. Nominally, it no longer needs anywhere near five years to achieve the goals it had laid out, with the support of its market segment making for vastly expedited processes and a growth spurt both in innovation and ranks that have made Envelicus even more of a market linchpin. Next, Envelicus plans to take this current growth spurt and continue to encourage it. With a set precedent for predicting dependable market forecasts generated from provable, trend based, and market specific data, it will be using this due diligence in the future to predict future trends in pricing, logistics, raw materials, and buyer mentality. Thus, it looks forward to sharing the in-depth and empathic processes that allow it to do so with such great levels of effectiveness, hoping to bring many more clients on board in the future to share in Young’s vision of a better, safer, more hygienic tomorrow. Company: Envelicus. Ltd & LLC Contact: Cameron Young Website: www.envelicus.com South East Asian CEO of the Year 2022: Cameron Young Mar22653