Q3 2022

Feb22538 With a variety of different products, a range of diverse clients, and a singularly united team, MNB Variety Imports has made itself the ‘friendly local business’ of the international community. With its ability to bring parallel branded merchandise to Australia, its dedication to its clients’ success, and the processes that allow it to manage large volumes of goods within its warehouse quickly and efficiently, it has become a true gem of wholesale and commerce. Having begun in 1983 as a familyrun business in Waterloo Sydney, MNB Variety Imports has recruited over 70 employees into its diligent, hardworking, and tenacious family. Its huge warehouse allows for global wholesale with a friendly attitude, and its global supply chain has been growing in an exponential manner over the years, meaning that today its growth shows no signs of stopping. Fundamentally, MNB Variety Imports has made healthy and sustainable partnerships with several commerce giants all over the world since its inception – with clients such as pharmacy groups, discount retailers s K-Mart, The Reject Shop, and Woolworths, just to name a few who currently take advantage of its services. Supplying branded cleaning, personal care, PPE, fragrance, household, medicinal, apparel, and general merchandise, as well as its own home brand products, it invites clients to look through its e-commerce store today, sure that there will be something that takes their fancy. Additionally, operating out of its base in New South Wales, it takes great pride in maintaining the ethos upon which it was founded as it moves forward. Despite the scale and speed of its success, it hasn’t lost sight of its humble beginnings… the owners Jai, Karan and Girish still unpack containers. The workforce is made up of workers who have been with us for over 30 years and it has a mix of young vibrant people coming through and a workforce that supports people with disabilities. The Founder Murli Bhojwani came from India in the 70s. He sold watches and grew the business by being one of the first to make import relationships with China, MNB Variety Imports believes that the relationships between people is the true powerhouse behind global trade, and with its passion, flexibility, and innovation, it has lowered prices and made itself a frontrunner amongst its competition. Additionally, MNB Variety Imports boasts annual investment into research and development, a ‘friendly local business’ attitude and a dedication to a client’s business as though it were its own – despite its global scale. Each of these foundational elements have allowed it to build a reputation of integrity and autonomy, serving clients both big and small and carrying over 3,000 products within its warehouse. Loyal, hardworking, willing to learn, and undaunted by challenge, its exemplary team allowed it to push through the challenges of Covid-19 and help its market by supplying relevant PPE and establishing its brand Swisscare, showing the ability to adapt to the needs of its market, and promising that this skill will only be improving as it moves towards the rest of 2022. Check out www.mnb.com. au or email [email protected]. au to see the range of 3,000 branded products. Company: MNB Variety Imports Contact: Karan Bhojwani Website: www.mnb.com.au Best Family-Run Wholesale Business - New South Wales Mar22634