Q3 2021

APAC / Issue Q3 2021 7 , Feb21054 Best Plumbing & Drainage Contractor – Greater Western Sydney Limcora Pty Ltd is a leader in plumbing and drainage for the Hawkesbury, Sydney and GreaterWestern Sydney building industry. Their plumbers and drainers work seamlessly with established building firms and small builders who value a job well done. Limcora is a true collaborative partner that provides open communication, exceptional project management and wholehearted commitment to workplace health and safety. This means that its plumbing projects aren’t only high-quality, but also delivered safely to schedule and budget – every time. And completing over 1,000 jobs per year, with 70% of its work coming from returning clients, Limcora has a reputation few other companies can match. There’s a reason why Limcora is the plumber of choice for builders across the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Penrith and Sydney regions. It provides experience, reliability and professionalism in plumbing and drainage. Combined with innovation and commitment, Limcora ensures that the plumbing and drainage in any construction project exceeds expectations. It provides full plumbing services for new home construction, partnering with commercial builders, new home builders and owner builders to provide plumbing planning and design advice; excavation; running pipework; back flow prevention and testing; drainage; below- ground sewer and stormwater installation; gas fitting and installation; outdoor water points, including rain water tanks; and internal fixtures for bathrooms (including toilet suites, baths, showers, bidets and basins), indoor and outdoor kitchens (including sinks, taps and mixers, dishwashers, water filters and garbage disposal units), and laundries (including sinks, washing machines and grey water systems). It’s not just home building where Limcora’s expertise lies; it is also experienced in commercial and industrial construction projects. Its strong team boasts a diverse range of knowledge and experience, from full-scale developments and medium- density housing projects through to high-rise multi-storey units (and everything in between!). They are large-scale project specialists, delivering reliable and high-quality work. And with knowledge of council regulations and plumbing codes that is second-to-none, clients can count on the team to get the job done error-free, and with maximum efficiency. Drainage is also an essential element of any building project. It is absolutely vital that drainage is not only designed well, but also installed correctly. This is where Limcora excels. From project inception, its drainage contractors not only design the optimal drainage system for the structure, but also for the site. It works with the client to deliver a sound, professional and reliable plumbing, drainage and ventilation solution. Limcora provides complete hydraulic services for over 500 new homes a year. It is a one-stop-shop, delivering drainage, gas and water, as well as installing all gas and plumbing fixtures and fittings to completion. Whether it’s for a new estate or an owner builder, the construction project will benefit from Limcora’s project management, specialist equipment and technology, and committed team of drainage contractors. Combining innovation with experience, the drainage system will be designed, developed and installed to scope, budget and schedule. Speaking about his company’s experience of working with Limcora, Baycorp Construction Director, Charles Khoury said, “The team at Limcora Plumbing have always delivered quality workmanship and timely completion on all my projects. This is paramount to the overall reputation and success of Baycorp Construction Group. I have a high regard for their professionalism and competence.” Company: Limcora Pty Ltd Contact: Evan Graham Email: [email protected] Website: www.limcora.com.au