W&F Q3 2021

www.wealthandfinance-news.com Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2021 7 6 Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2021 Best Financial Service Card Solutions – Mexico delt.ai serves the SMBs of Mexico through its corporate card product and digital spend management platform. Before delt.ai, it was nearly impossible for small businesses in Mexico to secure a line of credit to finance their operations. Those who qualified would wait up to six months to be approved and receive access to their credit lines. With delt.ai, SMBs in Mexico have access to business financing in just 48 hours. A Y Combinator company, delt.ai graduated from the world-renowned accelerator programme in the winter of 2020. It is one of a handful of Latin American companies selected to be part of the programme which has given start to some of the most influential companies of the last decade, including Airbnb, Dropbox, Rappi, Coinbase, and Stripe. It now screens and approves applicants for up to $300,000 MXN corporate credit lines, gives them same-day access to virtual and physical credit cards, and connects them to a digital platform that tracks and analyses all of their business expenses. An interesting fact, this proprietary process made delt.ai the first fully digital financial product offered to businesses in Mexico in 2019. Beyond its corporate card product offering and by being keenly aware that all businesses in Mexico will soon operate to some degree in the digital space, delt.ai is currently developing an API platform which will allow businesses to create and launch their own branded financial products using the delt.ai platform. It is calling this first-of-its-kind product delt.ai 2.0. delt.ai faces fierce competition and has made its client service a key differentiator. Its focus is on serving the Mexican business owner, offering high merchant acceptance of card in Mexico due to its bank identification number (BIN) being issued in Mexico and not abroad. This focus has also led to it offering its clients the longest credit cycle of any corporate credit card available in Mexico, consisting of 45 days, and it has also developed a proprietary industry-leading bank-to-bank transfer system which allows businesses to send up to 36,000 SPEI® bank transfers per hour. Speaking about their experience of dealing with delt.ai, Ana Ramos, co-founder and CEO of Glitzi said, “I’ve been with my “traditional” bank for 3 years and at that time I was always told I couldn’t have a corporate card. delt.ai did in 2 weeks what Santander did not do in three years. Thanks to delt.ai, I stopped using my personal card for company expenses.” Another client, Diego Benitez, co-founder of Aalkab.com said, “delt.ai has been a key ally in achieving our goals. In a country like Mexico, where it is difficult to have resources for start-ups, delt.ai challenges the old paradigms and supports companies that are starting out, betting on the quality of ideas and equipment.” With numerous happy clients and great success, delt.ai is now looking towards the coming years, where it plans to expand beyond corporate credit cards and move into the much broader “financial product enablement” space. For the remainder of 2021, it is preparing for its Series A funding round while continuing to grow its corporate card and spend management product. Contact: Luke Gorski Email: https://delt.ai/ Website: [email protected] Jun21781