Q3 2021

24 APAC / Issue Q3 2021 , Precision Perfection When Perfect Technology first opened its doors, it was a small machine shop focused on achieving excellence for businesses who needed incredible levels of craftsmanship. In the last fifteen years, the teamhas grown to provide all sorts of innovative solutions, earning it the title of Best SpecialisedMechanical Components Manufacturer 2021 in the Singapore Business Awards 2021. We take a closer look at this incredible team to see what has driven them to these stunning heights of success. Since 2005, Perfect Technology has been leading the way when it comes to offering a precise engineering solution that businesses can rely on. The team have built their name in offering an incredible level of craftsmanship, which takes advantage of the latest technology such as advanced CNC machines to delivery astonishing results. Many businesses require small or medium sized components that are incredibly intricate in their design and development. A high level of precision is required to ensure that these one-off parts are to an expected standard, as often they are needed for bespoke situations. While there are many companies that can deliver parts, few exist which are able to design a unique product for clients. Perfect Technology has proven time and time again that it is capable of delivering results. The team’s work is in high demand across a wide cross- section of industry, with clients from Oil & Gas, energy, medical & pharmaceutical, aerospace and consumer electronics all clambering for the team’s services. They are drawn in, not only by the superb results, but by the total quality control that is consistent across the manufacturing process. Because all production is handle in house, the team can ensure that components are shipped Feb21513 on time, and strictly compliant with drawings and purchase requirements. Naturally, such high standards are only possible with a team that is committed to delivering the highest possible standards. The Perfect Technology team is trained to perform as efficiently as possible, getting a job done right the first time round. The firm has always looked for long-term potential, hiring team players who are able to demonstrate passion and enthusiasm as well as a collaborative approach which is highly responsive to those within the company and those outside as well. This has allowed the team to produce some truly remarkable products over the years. The challenge that faces that this, however, increases daily. While the team has been able to succeed locally, the increasing internationalisation of trade will affect how the team works. Big companies from the US, Germany, Japan and China can offer clients the benefits of new technologies which allow them to create highly differentiated products at lower costs. That said, Perfect Technology has always thrived by being at the cutting- edge of what the industry has to offer. The team has taken into account the demands of the new global marketplace in order to ensure that they cannot be easily supplanted by other competitors. The next five years are sure to see enormous expansion for the team, increasing the number of factories they have set up. While a simple machine shop in 2005, sixteen years of progress will see them building up industry in Indonesia, India and Vietnam. To achieve the same high standards across the board, the team are always exploring new ways of investing in the latest that technology has to offer. When clients head to Perfect Technology, they find the perfect solution to their troubles. The team’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is key to their success, and will continue to be at the heart of the organisation for years to come. Company: Perfect Technology (S) Pte Ltd Name: Pitchai Thondaman Kalaiyarasu Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.perfecttechgroup.com