Q3 2021

22 APAC / Issue Q3 2021 , Internet Innovators Secure Success Digital marketing has quickly become a necessity for business to thrive as opposed to something that it is nice to have. Working online opens up the marketplace to clients from around the world. In the South East Asia Business Awards 2021, the team fromVault Mark were recognised for their amazing work in this field, winning the title of Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency – Thailand for their efforts. We profile the firm to see just how they did it. Every business in every industry has turned to the potential of the internet over the last eighteen months. Around the world, more and more businesses have thrived by being able to reach out to new customers online. The key to reaching them, however, is through an effective system of digital marketing. Often, businesses do not have the time to do this work for themselves, which makes finding an efficient partner a vital next step. For many organisations, the team at Vault Mark have been an invaluable guide to the digital marketing sector. They have supported numerous clients in the growth of their online brands, ensuring that the message being sent out is clear and easy to understand. With a result- oriented approach, Vault Mark has achieved some remarkable things, working alongside start- ups and established local firms in Thailand and abroad to deliver obvious success for all parties. Often, when a business explores the potential of digital marketing, they find that it is complex and jargon-filled. Finding your way through the quagmire of digital tools is no easy task. When Vault Mark is involved in a project, their promise is always to advise May21010 clients on the best approach for their business. Through every step of the way, Vault Mark acts as a growth partner for the business, offering a positive approach moving forward for all. Without a proper digital marketing strategy, many businesses fail to capitalise on the enormous ROI they could potentially achieve. It’s not enough to have a business website and some social media presence anymore. The designs for each should interconnect and be useful from a holistic perspective. To beat the competition, it’s essential that the strategy be dynamic, interactive and able to scale quickly to meet the needs of the company. By working with a trusted partner, like the team at Vault Mark, businesses have been able to achieve precisely what they need from their digital endeavours. They create an entire digital eco-system that embraces brand awareness, quality traffic, lead nurturing and sales in one whole package. In short, your business can be driven by the power of its online presence, working 24/7 to create profit on behalf of your team. To support clients, the Vault Mark team are able to offer an incredible array of different services that might be required to grow your business. This means that web development, search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation and reputation management, to name but a few, can all be tackled on your behalf by a team who can quickly adapt to suit your needs. The world of commerce has changed forever, and the need for business to recognise the power of the internet is more important than ever. When it comes to taking those first tentative steps, there are few teams more adept than that of Vault Mark. They know the world of digital marketing back to front, and more importantly, they know how to ensure that your organisation thrives on the back of this immense knowledge. Company: Vault Mark Co Ltd Name: Kwanmanat Thammasatta Email: [email protected]