Q3 2021

20 APAC / Issue Q3 2021 , An Eye for Artistry Living an artisanal lifestyle means finding those perfect little products you just can’t find anywhere else. It means being able to enjoy the small touches that set a scene off perfectly. The teamat Tyetye understand this perfectly, and have brought the best of Singapore’s craftsmen together to create their business. Named Best Artisanal Lifestyle Product Manufacturer 2021 in the Singapore Business Awards 2021, we thought it time to take a closer look at the secrets of their success. Founded in 2016, Tyetye is the Asian eye on distinctive design . Under the capable leadership of Jaya Oberai and Punita Kamdar, this lifestyle boutique has brought the ultimate in unusual, artisan- inspired luxury lifestyle products to the masses at a price that simply cannot be matched. Tyetye draws on the skill of artisans around the world, offering custom specifications so that their creativity can be harnessed to suit the needs of the day. Items at Tyetye are entirely unique, provided especially for this incredible shop. Each collection of products is carefully and lovingly curated to create a breath- taking selection of handcrafted, bespoke home and fashion accessories for personal use or corporate gifting. The team’s enormous range of products means that there is something for everyone to buy and enjoy. The incredible variety of items includes artistic prints on trays, boxes and mats, brass and steel cutlery plated in a variety of finishes, fiberglass, shell and faux shagreen table decor, hand painted ceramics and stunning agates stones polished to perfection to create luxe serveware that cannot be found anywhere else. Luxury is an asset that everyone looks for, but few can find. At Tyetye, the aim is for luxury that is affordable and exclusive in equal measure. Behind the success of Tyetye are two incredible women from two very different backgrounds. By coming together, they have managed to create an astonishing business that offers a service that is totally unique in Singapore. Jaya Oberai started her career as a banker in New York, but in her free time, she searched for little treasures that could make her home into somewhere a little special. Soon, she was befriending artisans in countries around the world, bringing home unusual art, objet and fashion accessories. It’s little wonder that this passion for the obscure would grow into Tyetye. Of course, none of it would have happened without the help of her business partner, Punita Kamdar. Punita is a graphic artist, who has worked in numerous sections of the creative arts. She has been an artist and interior designer, with occasional forays into culinary art. Her capacity to produce exceptional art has never been tempered, as she infuses creativity into every aspect of her daily life. With these two whirlwind forces at the heart of Tyetye, it’s little wonder that the business has been able to achieve so much. The partner’s complimentary skills have enabled the firm to grow rapidly, while still retaining an eye for the unusual and underexplored. Their products not only inspire, but invite customers to experiment with new materials, new colours and new ways of thinking. A visit to Tyetye is not just an opportunity to find that extra special something, but to embrace a whole new way of thinking. Name: Jaya Oberai Email: [email protected] Feb21245