Q3 2021

APAC / Issue Q3 2021 19 , Dec20199 Best Mechanical and Electrical Property Services 2021 Established in 2008, JAG Engineering provides installation andmaintenance services in electrical, air conditioning and ventilation systems, plumbing and sanitary, and fire protection systems. It has expanded and grown steadily over the years within the areas of electrical andmechanical, and has successfully completed projects including offices, retail shops, factories andmore. JAG Engineering aims to build long-lasting relationships and develop trust with all of its business clients. Its overall success is mainly due to it listening, understanding and advising its clients in all their requirements to ensure successful project execution. To achieve this goal, it has a team of dedicated project managers, engineers, supervisors and skilled workers who provide top-notch service. It is always bearing in mind that customer recommendation is the best form of advertisement for the business; only when they trust the company will they introduce it to their clients, friends, and their family. JAG strives to always provide the very best service for each individual client. Its clients consist of MNC, SMC, and governing departments across many industries, and it is the island-wide mechanical and electrical solution provider for all Decathlon stores in Singapore, providing a complete MEP solution from the time they take over the empty premise until the complete installation of works. JAG is different from its competitors because it delivers what it promises in the most economical ways and it does not oversell its services to the client. This is in addition to one of its unique selling points being that it is able to provide innovation lighting solutions which span from programmable lights, customisation of feature light fittings and stretch fabric light fitting solutions, which even competitors have to purchase from JAG. The success of JAG is 100% due to its staff. The team is 130+ strong and growing because it is so dedicated to its work and always striving to give its utmost best for clients. The company always looks for talents who have the correct attitude towards life, and who are accountable and responsible, making working alongside them a joy. The team at JAG is like a big family which continues to grow and bond. With this kind of dependable culture, its staff have always got someone to back them up, really boosting the morale of everyone within the company. As ambitious and successful as the company is, it’s not to say that it hasn’t had its share of challenges, most recently namely COVID-19. The majority of the Singapore construction industry’s workers are from foreign countries like India and Bangalore, but with the restriction on travelling that came into place, JAG found itself in a situation where the projects needed to be executed, but there weren’t enough workers available to sustain them. Post-COVID, JAG now knows that it can’t house all its workers within one location. It is also implementing improved communication methods to pass down information for all the workers when travelling is limited. JAG has really been driven toward a more digital setup, the benefit from COVID being that it has become more innovative and resilient during times of great difficulties. Also, an advantage is that there are now more jobs and the company is super busy and thriving. In terms of the rest of this year and the future, JAG plans to reaffirm its fundamentals and improve its workers’ skills, as it is catering for more projects and has limited manpower. It would also love to showcase its lighting solution to impress its clients. Company: JAG Engineering Contact: Glenn Chong Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website: www.jageng.com.sg