Q3 2021

18 APAC / Issue Q3 2021 , Best International Travel Media Company 2021 Great Australian Doorstep is Australia’s longest running privately owned travel TV show and Australia’s only national travel radio show. The TV show is hosted by former AFL footballer, Peter “Spida” Everitt and showcases spectacular destinations around Australia, NewZealand and the world! The show explores all the things to do and see around each place and shows how lucky the locals are to have what they have right on their doorstep! It could be a natural wonder, a secret spot, a local legend… anything that shows what a unique location it is to visit. In terms of the radio show, Spida and Sheree Everitt bring the latest and greatest in all things travel! An hour full of laughs and great travel ideas, destinations, interviews with celebrities and of course those within the tourism industry who know what’s hot and insider secrets to get you out there and travelling sooner! The travel TV show airs in Australia 52 weeks of the year on Channel 7Two every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It is aired in 11 countries, including mainland China, and is also available via 7Plus and worldwide via Apple TV. The travel radio show airs on 78 stations Australia-wide every Saturday morning 6am-7am across the TripleM Network and 10am-11am on the FlowFM Network. In addition to the content in their TV show and radio show, Spida and Sheree share their top tips for travelling via the Great Australian Doorstep website. Whether they’re in a caravan park or camping in the rugged Australian outback or the wild Alaskan wilderness, they are always learning something new which they share with fellow travel enthusiasts so they can gain an insight into how to make a trip go smoothly. From making sure you check the weather before your trip and identifying Feb21339 items that will come in handy on your travels such as magnetic tent lights and slingback chairs, to safe caravan towing and highlighting dangerous marine life, these tips could prove very useful and help keep people safe when exploring the wilderness. Not only are travel tips shared, but there is also a webpage dedicated to Spida’s favourite recipes to cook when out on the road. While camping or caravanning, limited kitchen space and a lack of herbs and spices can make cooking a challenge. By using local produce and important local knowledge and talent, Spida shares some of the best hidden campfire recipes and outback cooking of all time, including woodfire BBQ pizza, fish ‘n’ chips, Aussie kangaroo salad, outback reunion chicken, and more. Stemming from Spida and Sheree’s love for motorhome travel, Great Australian Doorstep also hosts motorhome tours, a trip of a lifetime to see Australia and the world. You will have the freedom to explore the entire destination, and best of all, travel by motorhome is much cheaper than traditional methods of travel. On the motorhome tours, you will have your own fully equipped luxury motorhome which includes free kms, all linen and full comprehensive vehicle insurance. Great Australian Doorstep also offers guided motorhome tours to New Zealand, visiting both the North and South Islands over 17 days, Australia’s world famous outback – Melbourne to Darwin or Darwin to Perth and vice versa, and then further afield to Alaska and Canada and the USA. These can be fully escorted or done independently. The booking of the motorhome RV and all accommodation will be taken care of and a list of activities and sightseeing will be provided so all you have to do is simply choose what you would like to do each day. Additionally, 2021 sees Great Australian Doorstep launch its new Off-Road 4wd Adventure guided tours! All you need are your clothes and a great sense of adventure! With an off-road 4wd camper from Apollo Motorhomes & Campers, you will be out on the red dirt in no time! Itineraries are Birdsville, from Brisbane, Fraser Island, The Red Centre, starting and finishing in Alice Springs and the Gibb River from Broome to Darwin. A free travel brochure can be requested online and for any enquiries, please contact Sheree via the email address below. Company: Great Australian Doorstep Pty Ltd Contact: Sheree Everitt Email: sheree@ greataustraliandoorstep.com Website: www.greataustraliandoorstep.com