Q3 2021

APAC / Issue Q3 2021 17 , Feb21515 Jewel in the Crown Jewellery has the unique power to showcase a little of ourselves, be it our style or our milestones. The teamat MADLY has led the way when it comes to custom-made pieces that are commissioned to tell a unique story or celebrate amomentous occasion. Named Best Bespoke Jewellery House 2021 in the Singapore Business Awards, we take a look at how this teamhas gone above and beyond on behalf of their clients. Finding something truly bespoke shows that you care about the specifics. When people turn to MADLY, they find jewellery that cannot be found anywhere else. Their products are thoroughly unique in every respect, ideally designed to commemorate or celebrate the most important events that a person will go through in their lives. More than just a jeweller, MADLY is a design house where the best talents and designers work together to ensure that the finest jewellery pieces are made. Each member of their diverse team has their own distinctive style, and whether it’s something edgy and bold, modern and sleek, feminine or flirty, they can provide the ideal solution. It all comes from a place of finding the perfect piece to meet the moment. A MADLY piece embodies the client. It’s an approach that has been key to achieving success for the team. Instead of talking to salespeople, customers talk to talented designers who each have their own unique styles. By bouncing off each other’s energy, it has been possible to create some stunning pieces of art that reflect the approach which has brought the team such success. Finding a designer who can work within the MADLY system is not easy, with the team forming the heart of what is on offer. Not only must designers be remarkably talented, they must also be able to collaborate with the client when bringing their artistic vision to life. To keep the quality as high as possible, the team at MADLY have worked their way up the supply chain, opening sourcing offices in Tanzania and Sri Lanka. This ensures that the team can track the provenance and quality of the gems they use. From mine to market, they are able to access resources that are unique within the industry. It also ensures that an ethical approach can be maintained throughout the process, with gem mining partners being paid a fair wage. Only the top 0.1% of gemstones are used in a MADLY project, cut for maximum brilliance by lapidary masters. The team is unique in Singapore for their membership of the International Coloured Stone Association’s Ethical Accreditation program, the first of its type in the coloured stone industry. Buying from MADLY is not just a commitment to something unique, but to something that is morally right. It’s easy to say that MADLY offers something unique, but what they also offer is an approach built on quality and fairness. Company: MADLY Pte Ltd Name: Sabrina Leong