Q3 2021

14 APAC / Issue Q3 2021 , DynaQuest : Building the Future of Sustainable Economies in Blockchain May21328 As the global economy is rapidly evolving with the onset of frontier technologies, businesses must see that this is a time where we are at the precipice of a huge paradigm change. The name of the game is to innovate, catch the wind of these changes and be a part of the evolving business scene where the focus is on greater efficiency across the value chain. The emerging decentralized economy offers a more seamless chain of transactions that are done with greater efficiency as it opens new possibilities on value creation and value proposition. The business savings entailed on these new grounds of business transformation can be re-invested into corporate citizenship on the aspects of community building and the social development. Businesses can do more by retrofitting their expertise and solutions framework into enriching local communities and empowering livelihoods. Randy Knutson, the founder and CEO of DynaQuest, an award- winning Blockchain solutions provider, believes that private entities such as businesses and technology solutions providers can lend their expertise by investing socially. “Having worked as a former CIO of a Fortune 500 company, I have seen how the injection of technology to the local-global branches have a ripple effect of positive change towards the local economy,” said Randy. “Skills are enriched, livelihoods are improved and the local economy gets a boost when it comes to the infusion of technology.” Having said that, Randy also believes that the key for business competitiveness in this new decade is based on how enterprises can adapt to the emerging frontier technologies. “In just a few years, we went from ‘wow’ to ‘now’ with technologies such as Blockchain. Business leaders and executives are no longer mystified by the technology – they know that Blockchain is real and they know its potential for achieving business and economic transformation.” DynaQuest, as a company, has a reputation as a technology solutions partner, as the company specializes in the integration of Blockchain and the migration of enterprises to Blockchain. Through a tried and proven process of knowledge building, rapid use case building and fostering a ‘Blockchain ready’ culture for its clients, DynaQuest does not only help its clients make the successful migration to Blockchain, but it also helps businesses set an innovation culture that is conductive to further transformation with Blockchain. Going further than just providing solutions for Blockchain migration, DynaQuest has partnered with social solutions providers in the Global Action Platform (GAP), the Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions (GPSS) and Philippine government agencies to help establish and set to motion the inclusive economic transformation project known as the CARAGA Literacy and Agriculture Grant Training. Staged in March 2020, the first agriculture and economic workshop brought together over 50 Indigenous Community Leaders to foster peace, introduce sustainable agriculture practices, responsible land and economic development as well as facilitating their inclusion to the Philippine National ID system known as PHILSYS. The long-term goal of the project is to empower the Indigenous People of Caraga by granting them legal identities and equipping them with the knowledge and skills, for them to be the stewards of their economic transformation with frontier technologies. As the business world is trying to get back on track with its economic development and sustainable goals, DynaQuest, led by Randy Knutson are building new and sustainable economies in Blockchain to unlock new economic opportunities for businesses as they strive to scale their competitiveness alongside their global counterparts.