Q3 2021

APAC / Issue Q3 2021 13 , Jun21486 Best Independent FundManagement Company - Indonesia &Most Innovative Digital Mutual Fund Ecosystem2021 Having achieved both the above title and the accolade of Best Independent FundManagement Company, Syailendra Capital has made itself an asset management company with a difference. With exemplarymonetary and funds solutions across the board, made possible by an empathic and knowledgeable team, it is promoting the upskilling and financial literacy of its market segment, benefitting Indonesia as a region as well as its clients specifically. Being one of Indonesia’s largest and leading asset management companies, Syailendra Capital has been making a name for itself since its founding in 2006. It was set up by a group of investment professionals who had a vision of what asset management could truly become; first and foremost, it dedicated itself to being the business in its industry that would rely on objectivity and independence as the primary drive. Fundamentally, it sought to operate outside of affiliation with any of Indonesia’s banking or business groups, to become an entity in its own right. Due to this commitment and the commitment its consistently shows towards its clientele, it has grown in AUM by 428% over the years, going from IDR4.445 Trillion in 2016 to IDR23.479 trillion in July of this year. In addition, Syailendra Capital has acquired an over 4% market share, as found by data acquired from Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – the Indonesian Financial Services Authority – earning it a 10th place ranking in the Asset Manager league tables, based on its total AUM alone, excluding its limited participation funds and discretionary mandates. Syailendra has a variety of investment products covering all type of asset classes, and various types of investment risks, allowing it to maintain a cost-income ratio of 68% to 77%, all made possible by the three pillars that form its foundation. Firstly, it believes in high quality research in order to unlock outperformance and reduce risk, secondly, it has a strong investment team that keep a finger on the pulse of a changing market, and thirdly, it works with quality companies with reasonable valuation to allow sustainable performance. Most of its AUM comes from institutional clients at present, from banks, insurance, pension fund, foundation, and other investments from both state- owned and private sector investors. This accounted for almost 90% of its total AUM in December of last year, but it also works hard to collaborate with its retail investors from Fintech, securities, and banks, supporting the OJK is expanding the financial literacy of contemporary Indonesian retail investors and creating a digital mutual fund ecosystem in Indonesia in 2017. Moreover, having built this unique niche in the Fintech space, collaborating with Tokopedia, the largest unicorn marketplaces and OVO, the leading digital payment gateways in Indonesia with a mission to pull together its capabilities in the digital landscape in capturing the growing demand for investment product. In tandem with this, it has a strong and diverse distribution channel, and has been making a name for itself with its dedication to increasing the financial education of its customers, providing everything from seminars to e-learning resources, with its staff enabling and encouraging both each other and the customers in this way. Consequentially, it has created an environment of continual personal improvement internally and in its customers. Syailendra Capital is therefore unafraid of challenge as this is necessary for further growth, taking everything from macroeconomic factors and technological drift to active / passive fund shift and margin pressure in its stride, and forever pushing Indonesia as a region towards further growth. This feeds into its strategic plan for 2021 being customer-focused transition, driving the Indonesian ecosystem and the overall education of its market segment with plans to launch its first e-learning platform, create more ESG based products, and launch off-shore products across the board, all of which it is looking forward to starting soon. Contact: Shafira Putri Regula Website: syailendracapital.com PT Syailendra Capital