Q3 2021

10 APAC / Issue Q3 2021 , Multi-Sector Plant Valve & Instrumentation Supplier of the Year 2021 Powerflo Solutions sells, manufactures and supports a wide range of high-quality engineered control valves, safety devices and process instrumentation, serving virtually every industry in which liquids or gases are controlled or measured. It has sales branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Queensland, NewZealand, NewCaledonia, and Philippines to provide prompt service from its extensive inventory of valves and instruments. Powerflo Solutions’ team of professional sales and engineering people is dedicated to providing clients with the best engineered solutions for their applications. It takes a diversified approach by supplying a mix of stock standard and specialty- engineered products, all backed by its extensive repair/service capabilities. In 2005, Powerflo Solutions was formed as a joint venture between Powerflo Engineering Supplies and FCV-Powerflo. This brought the contract engineering and technical expertise of both companies together to provide a one-stop- shop for a complete range of plant valving and instrumentation requirements, specifically designed for the power, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, water and wastewater, and pulp and paper industries. Powerflo’s philosophy is “smart service” which means its deliverables must incorporate a strong engineering capability, a technical understanding of the current Australian standards, competent contract management, and proficient after-sales support. Together with its already established local manufacture of safety relief valves and its FICO range of diaphragm seals and manometers, Powerflo Solutions is committed to providing Australian industry with a 100% owned and operated Australian manufacturer. Powerflo’s valve aftermarket service programme offers complete services specialising in pressure relief and control valves, as well as pressure/ vacuum vents, flame/detonation arrestors and waste gas burners. Services include on-site installation, start-up, predictive and preventative maintenance programmes, equipment testing, calibration, rebuilding and troubleshooting, and complete shutdown valve/instrument turnaround management. The programme also includes on-site testing, field retrofitting and hands-on training. The company also provides professional repair service as standard, from one valve to complete plant shutdowns. This includes the complete overhaul of the relief/control valve, actuator and instrumentation. The assemblies are fully disassembled, inspected, reassembled, calibrated and tested to meet Australian and relevant industry standards. All Feb21635 soft goods are replaced within this process. Valve assemblies can be repainted prior to returning to service. Powerflo’s FICO Instrumentation Division offers complete instrumentation repair and calibration services which include diaphragm seal fill, fit and test for pressure gauges, switches and transmitters; special dial printing for pressure and temperature gauges; pressure gauge liquid filling; and Ashcroft® B-Series Pressure and Temperature Switch assembly and setting. Calibration makes good sense – Correct calibration of instruments used in production processes assures that they are accurate and contribute to quality assurance. Powerflo offers high technical and professional standard of calibration services for pressure and temperature gauges, transmitters and switches. In terms of the business itself, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, Powerflo Solutions was taking the necessary precautions to preserve the wellbeing of all of its staff within the workplace, allowing them to “smart work” and placing travel restrictions on its technical sales and after- market service team. And it ensured that its service didn’t falter, continuing to provide communications with its engineering and sales team, and its full range of products and services across Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the Philippines. The company’s commitment to carry large stocks of valves and instruments enabled it to provide delivery within days or hours to support clients’ businesses. At that time, it also had another $3 million of engineered products on their way, along with careful forward-planning based upon the invaluable experience of its product managers, combined with its inventory investment, positioning it to be able to deliver many variations on the above- mentioned equipment, with minimal reliance on its suppliers and international carriers. Indeed, the company made the most of a tough situation and it still strived to only provide the best possible service to clients. It now continues on, exceeding their expectations. Company: Powerflo Solutions Pty Ltd Contact: Kathryn Wood-Enriquez Email: [email protected] Website: www.powerflo.com.au