Q3 2020

APAC / Issue Q3 2020 5 NEWS , A leading programmatic software developer, Smart- yAds has announced a partnership with Meitu, a global leader in photo-vid- eo editing. By striking this mutually beneficial traffic-exchange collabora- tion, both companies plan to expand their existing advertising capacities. This will enable transparent and target- ed app monetization and greater mo- bile ad experience that results in higher revenues for brands. To date, Meitu applications have been installed on more than 1.1 billion unique devices that gather millions of monthly active users. Meitu specializes in de- veloping advanced AI beauty-themed photo and video applications. With offices located in Japan, Singapore, Brazil, India, Indonesia and the USA, the company also operates as a soft- ware and smartphone manufacturer. In 2020, Meitu is considered to be Chi- na’s third largest app developer and is featured among the top 10 best in the Apple app store. With this, Meitu’s reach spans over 39 countries, which means that new collaborations will open up a gateway to unprecedented advertising opportunities for in-app media-buyers advertising at SmartyAds. “We never cease to expand new busi- ness horizons, and, this time, we are extremely happy to equip our DSP with new, high-yielding traffic sources deliv- ered by Meitu. Our advertisers will have access to the fastest-growing Asian market of applications that daily attracts myriads of unique users,” says Nikita Plastomak, business development man- ager at SmartyAds. Meitu also highly anticipates collabo- rating with SmartyAds, as it will bring in exquisite app monetization opportuni- ties. Thus, publishers will monetize their inventory programmatically, applying relevant, non-intrusive and engaging mobile ad formats that convert users into customers and retain them within apps. Within the framework of this partnership, Meitu will also buy additional in-app traffic from SmartyAds to diversify op- portunities for its direct advertisers who acquire ad placements in Meitu apps. Animoca Brands reports record revenue of A$10.5m in first four months of 2020. Animoca Brands Corporation Limited is pleased to report its unaudited management accounts for the four months ended 30 April 2020. These results include contributions from the recently acquired businesses nWay, Inc., Quidd, Inc., and Gamee Limited. The first four months of 2020 have been tumultuous as the COVID-19 pandemic affected busi- nesses globally, and Animoca Brands - headquartered in Hong Kong - was no exception. The pan- demic impacted the Company’s Asian operations beginning in January, followed by its operations in the rest of the world in late February. Thanks to Hong Kong’s early and effective response to the pandemic, the Company’s head office has been able to operate in a manner similar to normality in recent months. The impact of lockdowns around the world has had the positive externality of increasing the amount of available time that gamers have to engage with video games, and gaming companies have seen increases in downloads, revenue generation and engagement. As a result, Animoca Brands’ business has grown during the pandemic, with record quarterly and monthly revenues over the first four months of the year and a positive EBITDA in April. In the first four months of the year ended 30 April the Company recognised unaudited revenue of A$10.5 million; A$6.2 million of this was recognised in the first quarter of 2020 (a record quarter and an increase of 44% over the same quarter last year) followed by another record A$4.3 million in unaudited revenues during the month of April alone, which led to approximately A$380,000 in unaudited EBITDA in April. The Company’s cash and cryptocurrencies on hand as of the end of April amounted to A$8.7 million, which includes A$1.1 million in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), A$1.6 million in other cryptocurrencies, and A$6 million in cash. The significant increase in BTC and ETH holdings came from growth in the Company’s blockchain gaming activities, which in- volved various sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) including LAND for The Sandbox , race car and crate sales for F1® Delta Time , and collectible hero cards for Crazy Defense Heroes . Recently, the Company announced a number of notable developments including: the planned public listing of its subsidiary OliveX Holdings Limited, a company focused on AI-driven health and fitness technology; the commencement of trading of Animoca Brands shares on the Primary- Markets secondary share trading platform; and a capital raise of approximately A$6 million from strategic investors including M7 Asia and Mind Fund. Positive Outcome SmartyAds partners with Meitu to establish traffic- growing collaboration.