Q3 2020

10 APAC / Issue Q3 2020 , Crafted to Perfection Founded in 2012, Elverd Designs is a leading jewellery store serving clients across Singapore. Following on fromher success in the Singapore Business Awards 2020, we got in touchwith owner Natalie Elverd to find out more about one of the best Australian jewellery stores. In less than a decade, Elverd Designs have become a brand well known for its beautiful gemstone jewellery, perfectly blending vintage and contemporary styling. To start, Natalie provides us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical client base. “Call it misfortune or a blessing in disguise, I had my jewellery collection stolen whilst living in Cambodia in 2010. As a result, I began designing jewellery as a replacement, featuring beautiful gemstones I had discovered whilst gem hunting in South East Asia. Receiving many compliments and requests to buy my pieces, my passion for jewellery design grew stronger, so I took a leap of faith in 2012 and launched Elverd Designs in Singapore. From inception, my goal was to achieve organic growth and gain the customer’s trust. By avoiding significant financial investment and start- up sales pressure, I launched with a few test designs with some of those now becoming best sellers and many are still featured in my collections. “My collections can be found in our two beautiful collective boutique locations, TheAC in Singapore and online from all over the world including via retailers in Singapore, Australia and New York City. As the owner of Elverd Designs, I am also proud to say many of our customers have been with us right from the beginning.” With several competitors working in the luxury jewellery sector, trying to distinguish themselves from their closest rivals can be difficult, however as Natalie goes on to explain, with a bespoke approach to jewellery design, Elverd Designs continue to lead the way in Singapore. “My designs are handcrafted with ethically sourced gemstones, which I personally select. Each piece is typically handcrafted from the best quality materials at our in-house workshop in Bangkok. With each piece made with genuine sterling silver and solid gold, customers are receiving genuinely affordable luxury pieces.” In the jewellery industry, there has been a shift towards ethically sourced gemstones and more socially responsible workshop practices, something which Natalie feels quite strongly about as she personally selects individual gemstones for its high quality, radiance and also for its natural beauty, as she highlights. “I see jewellery as an extension of our personality and style but also how we express ourselves. Worn as a mood elevator, gemstones hold wonderful natural qualities. Fashion colours and trends come and go. For example, gold colours may trend in yellow, or rose, and then shift to white. Gold colours are cyclic. As a jewellery designer, my advice is to wear what makes you feel good, whether that is experiment and layer rings, earrings, chains and bangles or mix metal, just Jan20133 something to express your unique personal style. “I love designing jewellery which can be worn and loved for many years rather than just a season or a year. Typically, my design aesthetic is influenced by contemporary and vintage fusion and designed with the intent to become modern collectable heirlooms.” In Singapore, the fashion and retail business community is heavily stocked however, rather than a hinderance, Natalie believes operating out of the country brings several advantages for her business as she explains further. “Singapore is an exciting and energetic city with a diverse population, which inevitably has resulted in attracting different customers with different jewellery design demands.” For the most part, Natalie has operated as a one woman show, something which she feels has enabled her to help shape the image of Elverd Designs. “I personally oversee all aspects of my company, handling the day to day challenges of the business. With my hands-on approach, I have creative control to personally curate my brand image.” Finally, Natalie comments on the future of Elverd Designs and offers more insight into her plans going forward. “A designer’s mind is never still. Currently, I am working on 2021 collections and launches which I am really excited about. Having recently launched some collections at Paris Fashion Week, I hope to participate again in the future. I am expanding our stockiest locations across a number of countries, so please get in touch if you’re interested.” Contact Name: Natalie Elverd WhatsApp: +95 9793 106315 Address: C-/ TheAC 420 Joo Chiat Road. Singapore 427641 Web Address: www.elverddesigns.com Instagram: @elverddesigns