APAC Issue Q3 2019

APAC / Issue Q3 2019 7 The Rise of Technology in Health, Aged, Social Services and Community Care person’s life timeline, through the display of images and information that traverses the person’s life, from the net or other specialist services, supports reminiscence and emotional calm. Again, these need to be Apps that can interrogate the net and locate resources a person can select from. Beacon technology that pushes critical client or resident information to a device (P5Insight) as staff walk past a Beacon on a door or house, linked to a person’s profile, further supports staff ‘on the floor/ground /approaching the person’s home’. Technology that can alert health and care professionals re key information, that enables monitoring without action, can address one of the fundamental issues in healthcare and that is lack of time and money. The rise of technology is only commensurate with affordable devices. Health, aged, social and community care services are understandably economically aware sectors with limited budgets. A software company’s responsibility in this sector is to provide affordable, device and platform independent choices so that any affordable device can be used. Time is precious hence software also needs to be intuitive, to save training time and costs, so that resources can be applied instead to change management processes to encourage technology use. Apps linked to enterprise systems enable the merger of two other critical health and social care needs – time saving data input, with extensive analysis, to determine quality service provision direction, that involves the resident, client or person. Affordable health and social care Apps P5Mobile, P5Insight, P5Notes and P5Mycareplan are all linked to the Platinum 5 enterprise system. They all ensure clinical, care, social, medication, operations, finance and medical information is congruent, relevant and engages the most important people involved in care – staff and the persons they support. Table 1 – Australian Government AGED CARE QUALITY STANDARDS Standard 1 – Consumer dignity and choice Standard 2 -Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers Standard 3 -Personal care and clinical care Standard 4 – Services and supports for daily living Standard 5 – Organisation’s service environment Standard 6 Feedback and Complaints Standard 7 Education and Human Resources Standard 8 - Organisational Governance Company: Leecare Health Pte Ltd, Leecare Solutions Pty Ltd, Leecare Solutions UK Limited Name: Dr Caroline Lee, Chief Executive Officer Address: 1005A Mt Alexander Road, Essendon, Victoria, 3040, Australia Website: www.leecare.com.au ; www.leecare.sg ; www.leecare. co.nz ; www.leecare.co.uk Telephone: Head Office: +61 3 9339 6888

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