Q2 2024

11 has ever faced, in particular the building industry. Our projects and product delivery to the market are forever evolving and always innovative, as we hold our values and ethos close at hand at all times […] to create our own market. By doing this, it ensures Karam will always dominate the space [it is] in.” In closing, Neade tells us, “most would say seeing is believing - however a famous quote that truly resonates with our company and is embedded in our […] philosophy is that, in order for us to see it we must first believe it.” Seeing really is believing when it comes to the tremendous property development projects undertaken by this team, and we invite our readers to check out the business’ constantly developing offerings and stay updated on its progress with ongoing projects, as they are sure to mirror the outstanding craftsmanship, luxury, and functionality that defines all of Karam Boutique Residential developments and will continue to do so for many years still to come. Contact Details Contact: Neade Karam Company: Karam Boutique Residential Web Address: www.karambr. com.au 9