Q2 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 10 the greenery below, through to the open-plan layout that is designed to maximise functionality and provide ample space. Likewise, Gaythorne’s Urban Apartments will embody urban living splendour thanks to 14 apartments overlooking this panoramic pocket of Queensland, all complete with sunny, northeast-facing frontages. Consisting of one twobedroom apartment, 12 three-bedroom apartments, and one four-bedroom apartment, these lowmaintenance apartments will be perfect for future investors, those looking to purchase their first home, or professionals. Untapped access to the nearby amenities of innercity living sweetens the deal, and from the shops, schools, and a train station all in walking distance, through to the shopping and dining experiences available in every direction, there truly is something for everyone here. More exquisite developments are set to follow in the near future, with five currently in the pipeline, Home by Karam in Mount Gravatt East, Sunrise on Deacon in Coppers Plains, Dream Luxury Apartments by Karam in Chermside, The Langford by Karam in Springwood, and finally, Tranquillity by Karam in Cleveland. Anybody who buys one of these apartments from Karam is also afforded access to its well-researched and architecturally stunning finishes, which are available in two distinct but equally desirable styles, luxury and signature. The differences between these two areas are subtle, but ultimately contribute measurably to a place being made a person’s own, as well as also impacting the overall investment. Regarding Karam’s luxury finishes, these represent the finest that its team have to offer, and they always think outside of the box in order to bring a bespoke sense of opulence to every space in a client’s home. From kitchen appliances through to bathroom taps, a built-in outdoor BBQ, and even general finishes, the uppermost care is taken so that luxury radiates at each turn. Similarly, the signature collection refuses to compromise on quality, utilising nothing less than the finest materials and organic textures throughout these finishes, with each element being chosen for its innate ability to capture the desired ambience and trueness, aging gracefully over time so as to result in a simple, beautiful, and highquality abode. As Karam Boutique Residential continues to set the bar for high calibre finishes and even higher calibre craftsmanship, Neade tells us a little more about what 2024 and beyond has in store for the company. He explains, “the Karam brand’s future looks extremely bright if you consider the way our company is currently placed in one of the toughest market conditions the real estate industry APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 8