Q2 2024

APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 18 For more than 20 years now, the Victoria-based Asset Transport Solutions has been excelling in the logistics industry, the result being that its team are now experts in the field of haulage and all related services. Inviting fellow businesses to take full advantage of this knowledge, the company is acutely aware of the benefits that its unrivalled expertise in this space can bring, leveraging all of the ins and outs of haulage to offer a holistic service where everything, no matter how big or small, is attentively taken care of. In short, if a customer has a transport requirement, Asset has an appropriate transport solution. Best Transport Equipment Solutions Company 2024 - Victoria Setting a standard of operation that is as gold as the company’s striking logo, Asset Transport Solutions knows that planning and organising one’s haulage needs is an incredibly timeconsuming process, particularly for those large organisations who seek to transport a great volume of goods all at the same time. The remedy for this pain is simple – outsourcing. Through outsourcing, not only is a business almost guaranteed to save huge amounts of money, but the business will also be relieved of all of the headaches and stresses associated with haulage duties, ultimately freeing up time and increasing overall productivity. Operating from the southeast cost of Australia, Asset presently sells its trucks across the country, and has succeeded in diversifying its operations in the complementary sectors of fleet valuation and finance, representing a proactive approach taken to the innate desire to grow and evolve. This is something that has been immensely spurred on by Managing Director Tony De Leo, who sits atop of more than 15 years of experience in the sector, a period which has seen him hone his skills in the areas of new business developments, operations management, and customer relationship management, to name just a few. Wholly determined to guide the Asset team to greatness, Tony is a leader and mentor who upholds the vision he has for the company at every turn, delivering creative and innovative transport solutions to each and every customer that walks through the door, all the while making sure that the company operates with sustained excellence and is financially sustainable. On the back of this, Tony has crafted a workplace environment that is customer-centric and prides long-term loyalty, exceeding the expectations of customers to keep them returning to Asset for all of their transportation needs, time and again. Since ascending to the role of Asset’s Managing Director, after taking a promotion in his previous role as the company’s Business Development Manager, accolades have followed both Tony and the wider business in numbers. In addition to this Australian Enterprise Award, that Asset has more than earned thanks to its enduring brilliance, at the back end of last year, Tony was ecstatic to receive the honour of being named as one of the Business Elite Awards 40 under 40, a recognition he received at Sydney’s prestigious Park Hyatt, with this beautiful venue serving only to make the occasion even more special. Never one to dwell for too long on the past, Asset has its sights set firmly on the present, where it currently has more than a dozen trucks and semitrailers available for sale on its website, with this expansive selection being comprised of the likes of beavertail, hooklift, refrigerated, and water trucks, among others. With offerings available from a number of different manufacturers, in a variety of different sizes, and an assortment of price points, there is something for every need across this terrific range, and no matter which one a customer chooses, it is sure to streamline their business and its haulage capabilities. While it may have only been formerly established in 2022, the grassroots of Asset Transport Solutions date it back to 1997, and thanks to these 25 years of carving out a stellar reputation, the fast shipping that is carried out worldwide, and the 24/7 support that is available to all customers, it is our pleasure to name the business as the Best Transport Equipment Solutions Company 2024 – Victoria. Anybody in Australia who is seeking out either a brand-new or second-hand truck would do well to start their search here, as they are sure to find something with Tony De Leo and his team that will ensure that their every transport need is covered. Contact Details Contact: Tony De Leo Company: Asset Transport Solutions Web Address: https://www. asset-group.com.au/ Feb24659