Q2 2024

APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 17 Committed to helping people feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, IDS Clinic offers a range of tailored skincare and aesthetic solutions that combine medical science, technology, artificial intelligence, and complementary skincare to address the most common skin problems. Over the years, the clinic has firmly established itself as a notable presence in the realm of medical aesthetics. Here, we dive deeper into its background and reflect on the reasons behind its success in the Singapore Business Awards 2024. In 2014, IDS Clinic’s specialist centre in Novena was launched with a simple mission: to provide people with innovative and effective treatments at affordable prices, all without compromising on quality and professionalism. Since 2020, the company has also operated from an international building on Orchard Road. IDS Clinic’s team of adept medical professionals are well-equipped with the skills and expertise needed to deliver a broad range of skincare and wellbeing services for the face, body, and hair. At the helm of the business stands CoFounder Dr SK Tan, whose four decades of clinical and research experience greatly benefit the diverse clientele he serves. The technical capabilities of IDS Clinic’s team are bolstered by their use of high-quality products to deliver results for clients. The business boasts its own proprietary line of skincare items, formulated with the highest quality ingredients and extensively tested by independent thirdparty research organisations. Powered by innovative technologies like the patented delivery system Neulastin, the line encompasses everything from cleansers and serums to moisturisers and sunscreens. With proven results, these products not only complement the clinic’s treatments but also support clients’ skincare goals between appointments, helping them to achieve the best possible skin. Another factor that makes IDS Clinic’s services stand out is their unparalleled customisability. Every individual is different, seeking treatment for their own personal reasons. This means that clients all have a unique set of skin concerns, goals, and expectations. IDS Clinic dedicates time to understanding every client’s needs and aspirations, then uses this information to craft a personalised treatment plan and develop bespoke solutions that deliver optimal results. Ultimately, the clinic hopes to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, unlike some other clinics that may simply wish to sell their treatments and deliver them as soon as possible, IDS Clinic is committed to educating its clients. By providing them with comprehensive information about skincare options, treatment procedures, and ongoing skincare maintenance, it strives to ensure that they are empowered to make informed decisions as they embark on their skincare and aesthetics journey. As a result of this strong focus, along with its steadfast devotion to client satisfaction, the clinic has emerged as a top choice for those seeking quality medical aesthetics and skincare treatments. IDS Clinic strongly believes that it would not have been able to achieve this exceptional reputation without the hard work and dedication of its team. For this reason, the business strives to create a positive internal working environment in which staff feel valued, motivated, and empowered to do their best work. It has established a culture of teamwork, collaboration, mutual respect, and commitment to excellence, encouraging constructive feedback and idea sharing amongst the team. This motivates team members to contribute further towards the clinic’s success. In hiring, IDS Clinic seeks individuals who demonstrate suitable expertise, empathy, professionalism, and a dedication to continuous learning and improvement. To ensure that they are always equipped to deliver the highest standards of care and service, it invests significantly in their professional development and wellbeing. This enables the clinic to maintain a strong workforce who play a role in enhancing its leading position in the field of medical aesthetics. For its excellence in all areas, IDS Clinic has been awarded the title of Best Medical Aesthetics Clinic, Central Singapore, in the Singapore Business Awards 2024. In the coming years, the business will continue to expand its services with new treatments and procedures to meet clients’ evolving needs. It will also enhance its services by adopting new technologies and techniques to deliver better results. Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: IDS Clinic Web Address: www.idsclinic.com Best Medical Aesthetics Clinic 2024 - Central Singapore Feb24672