Q2 2024

APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 16 As Queensland’s primary property investment specialist, Lescorp Pty Ltd is the go-to provider for all property investment needs, and by leveraging the fundamental goal of guiding customers every step of the way, this team can expertly assist with everything from location research to investment analysis and selection, demonstrably saving customers time and effort as they attain the perfect property for their unique personal and financial needs. Whether one is buying property for the first time or is planning for their retirement, they are certain to find terrific investment solutions from this exemplary property investment company. Acting as a straightforward and helpful way to purchase quality developments in in-demand locations across Australia, with customers ensured that each of the areas in question are strong capital growth opportunities and can yield a healthy return on rent, Lescorp Pty Ltd also takes excellent care of the properties of its clients, ridding them of the associated worry. Whatever the solution chosen by a customer, Lescorp has the appropriate specialist, and from choosing the right property to securing the right finance, checking the contracts, managing a property on an ongoing basis, or even looking after one’s taxation benefits, Lescorp’s team address all the needs of the successful modern investor. Situated at the heart of the stellar reputation held by the company is Director Gregory Lesina, a true industry professional who possesses just shy of 30 years of experience in the sector, having previously founded and ran a national property investment advisory firm that managed more than 20,000 clients with great success during his tenure. Since its establishment in 2005, Gregory has served as Lescorp’s sole owner, utilising nearly two decades in the role to add value to a client’s growing investment portfolio in a straightforward, sustainable manner. In just a few minutes over coffee, Gregory is entirely confident in his ability to communicate exactly why so many people choose Lescorp. Thanks to this approach, the company has been able to streamline its service offering, which, a representative for Lescorp tells us, “is a more boutique client relationship where [the] clients we bring on board are personal clients of the Director himself.” As a result of the pronounced emphasis placed on the bespoke, many of the new clients that this team take on first hear about the company from one of its satisfied existing clients, the consequence of which has been the creation of one big happy family, where “we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, as everybody’s journey with us may start at different places but all result in outperforming the market outcomes”, explains the representative. Nurturing growth in the current climate has thankfully been relatively simplistic, as since the Australian property landscape is currently suffering from a shortage of available rental accommodation, which has predictably caused a surge in rents, the returns for investors renting out their properties are higher now than ever before. Thus, there has never been a better time to invest in property, and with this team on hand to help execute quality research, a high level of educational support is available right across one’s journey, ultimately culminating in the right decision being made based off of well-informed decisions. As for the future of the investment space, the company’s representative stresses the importance of potential investors considering, “the strength of an area’s economy, labour market opportunities, and infrastructure projects”, “which all are important to society.” Lescorp’s commitment to the future is also on display through many of its generational clients, whereby individuals repeat the same successful process their parents did with Lescorp, resulting in healthy income streams for them and their families. This dedication to both old and new clients alike will continue to manifest itself in the form of personalised services for years yet to come, with great outcomes strived for across the board, regardless of the nature of the investment. On the back of such a relentless commitment to clients, we are proud to name Lescorp Pty Ltd as the Most Client-Focused Property Investment Company 2024 – Queensland. We invite our local readers who may be interested in this area to bear the company in mind the next time they think about taking the leap into the prosperous world of property investment. Contact Details Contact: Gregory Lesina Company: Lescorp Pty Ltd Web Address: https://www. lescorp.com.au/ Most Client-Focused Property Investment Company 2024 - Queensland Feb24151