Q2 2024

APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 10 Best Premium Yacht Broker 2024 Many dream of embarking on the boundless venture that is the nautical lifestyle, but it often times seems like an arduous journey to undertake alone. From trying to determine what yacht would best suit your lifestyle, to garnering a detailed overview of the various aspects of ownership and affordability, there are many elements that come into play when deciding to take the plunge. Thankfully, awardwining Nova Nautical is on-hand to ensure that its clients’ dreams come to fruition as seamlessly as possible. Helping people to partake in the voyage they’ve always imagined is where this premium yacht broker specialises, and we take a closer look at what made this very approach possible. Defining itself as a one stop solution for quality yachting – one that proudly markets some of the industry’s most respected names – Nova Nautical has quickly amassed quite the reputation across new and experienced yacht owners alike. Whether individuals are approaching it in hopes of receiving quality advice on how to manage or upgrade their current yachts, or are seeking guidance when investing in their new nautical venture, the company is eager to demonstrate just how wellversed in the industry it truly is. It’s clear that Nova Nautical adores its craft, and it leverages this immense passion to exceed the expectations of clients time and time again. This talent is further empowered by an impressive depth of trade knowledge that descends from its work with major names across the market. From Rodman Leisure Craft and Gottsegen New Energy Catamaran and Hybrid Yacht, to Cormorant Trawler and Lobster, Comet Monohull and C-Catamaran, and Navisyo Home-on-Water, Nova Nautical has an abundance of experience that equips it with the means to deliver quality services to its clients. Partnered with the fact that the company meticulously deploys the best design, craftsmen, engineering, methods, and materials available, Nova Nautical manages to guarantee that buyers receive a quality of service beyond anything they may have expected. For a collective that lives and breathes its craft, it’s only fitting that such an approach is what it has come to be recognised for. Uncompromising in its approach toward meeting the highest attainable standards, and committed to delivering a total ownership experience to each individual client, Nova Nautical has accumulated a vast wealth of renown across both Singapore and the wider world alike. By combining a breadth of nautical experience with exceptional customer service, the company has distinguished itself from its competition, and yet where its unique selling point truly lies is in Nova Secure. Unavailable from any other yacht broker currently on the market, this 100% redemption value buyback program essentially eliminates the depreciation of a new or demo yacht. Anyone involved in the sphere will understand just how detrimental depreciation can be, and nobody recognises it quite like Nova Nautical. In response, it developed a means for customers to own a new or demon yacht for eight years, almost entirely free of depreciation. As such, Nova Nautical has earned a reputation for being one of the best at its trade, with its craft expertise in both a physical and monetary sense consistently attracting clients from across the globe. In response to such a staggering growth, the company has adapted accordingly, especially upon identifying the greater needs of its brimming clientele. Mar24027 As time has progressed, there’s been a greater outcry for more sustainable and energy efficient ways of realising the nautical dream, and thus Nova Nautical embarked on its own journey to discover a solution. This solution takes the form of the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran. Among a collection of reputable market names, this yacht is one that Nova Nautical is particularly proud of – from its superior efficiency to its premium design. But what makes the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran so distinct? As a pure, electrically designed unit, this catamaran has been specifically developed to align with the mission of increased sustainability. As such, it was created with solar panels that source a consistent stream of energy, while leaving additional room for comfort - the yacht is a fully sustainable, full-electric creation that’s clean in both design and emission output. Partnered with its straight line and spacious interior – one that’s able to accommodate up to 24 guests and a crew of two members – the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran perfectly balances aesthetic with efficiency to bring an elite experience to the market. Complete with two spacious master bedrooms, a large party lounge area, and a main saloon at the back of the yacht, there’s ample opportunity for owners to truly indulge in the nautical dream. Part of what makes the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran so alluring, however, is just how energy efficient it truly is. This is presented in the form of its electric motors, LiFeO4 battery – a battery that trumps the ever-famous lithium ion battery – and its myriad of solar panels adorning the exterior of the yacht. Combined, these factors make for a vessel that, above all else, preserves the safety of both guests and the planet as a whole. Nova Nautical is more than aware that its industry has played a part in heightening emissions over the years, and has gone above and beyond to begin making a real change in its own way. As such, it has framed itself as a collective that not only cares about the satisfaction of its clients, but the overall impact that its trade has on the wider world. We’re certain that, as Nova Nautical progresses even further, we can expect to see many more exceptional examples of energy efficiency from this highly conscious company. In short, Nova Nautical is more than just a premium yacht broker – it’s a company whose vision for the future manifests through its practises. No matter what a client may request, it promises to be on-hand to provide, all while upholding its unwavering dedication to crafting a better future for the trade. As such, there’s no yacht broker more deserving of the spotlight than Nova Nautical. We eagerly anticipate the realisation of Nova Nautical’s plans for 2024, and we hope that it continues to astound and impress all manner of clients as it welcomes a new age of yachting. Contact: Len Lee NOVA NAUTICAL & Nova Nautical Sdn Bhd https://novanautical.com