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Q2 2024 Best Residential Development Firm 2024 - Queensland Karam Boutique Residential is one of the largest and most successful property development companies in its region, operating throughout Queensland and the Sunshine Coast, and even going as far out as New South Wales, Byron Bay, and the fringes of Brisbane. Guided by an unrelenting focus on providing quality, boutique apartments for its diverse and valued client base, everyone from the discerning buyer through to the seasoned investor can find the right choice for them through this exemplary business. We have the pleasure of catching up with Chairman and Founder Neade Karam, who tells us more about the company’s stellar undertakings. Featuring:

Welcome to the Q2 edition of APAC Insider magazine, your quarterly source for all of the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region. As we enter a new quarter, the APAC region continues to flourish – and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Home to over half of the world’s population, it is forecast to become the largest consumer market within the next two decades. Indeed, the influence of the APAC business landscape on the world stage is extraordinary, and it is increasing, enhanced by innovative technology and the sustained income growth of consumers. Now, kicking off this issue is our front cover feature and prime example of APAC business excellence, Karam Boutique Residential. In light of it being named our Best Residential Development Firm 2024 – Queensland, we speak to Chairman and Founder, Neade Karam to discover how it has become one of the biggest, most thriving property development companies across Queensland, the Sunshine Coast, and beyond. It is a company redefining industry standards, delivering quality craftmanship, luxury, and functionality time and again. Elsewhere, we celebrate more of our award-winning enterprises, whether premium yacht broker in Singapore, luxury RV manufacturer in Australia, or infrastructure and real estate development firm in India. Each business is at the cutting-edge of their respective industries, driving growth and advancement across the APAC region. We hope you enjoy reading through this issue and that it brings you inspiration. In the meantime, we look forward to a prosperous quarter ahead and to welcoming you back again next time. Rebecca Scotland- Editor Website: www.apac-insider.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. Karam Boutique Residential: Best Residential Development Firm 2024 - Queensland 10. NOVA NAUTICAL & Nova Nautical Sdn Bhd: Best Premium Yacht Broker 2024 12. My Dream RV: Most Innovative Luxury RV Manufacturer 2024 – Victoria 14. Chaupal Sansadhan Limited: Best Infrastructure & Real Estate Development Company 2023 - Northern India & APAC Insider Special Recognition Award: Building-the-Future-of-Tomorrow Today 2023 16. Lescorp Pty Ltd: Most Client-Focused Property Investment Company 2024 - Queensland 17. IDS Clinic: Best Medical Aesthetics Clinic 2024 - Central Singapore 18. Asset Transport Solutions: Best Transport Equipment Solutions Company 2024 - Victoria 19. Happy Healthy You: Most Empowering Health & Lifestyle Community 2024 & Best Women’s Natural Health & Wellness Company 2024 - Oceania Contents

News Medibrane Ltd, a leading contract manufacturer in the Medical Device industry, is thrilled to announce a pivotal milestone with the signing of a manufacturing representation agreement with HnG Medical Incorporated, a key player in the Chinese healthcare market. This collaboration signifies Medibrane’s dedicated efforts to expand its global reach and introduce its state-of-the-art solutions to the dynamic healthcare landscape of China. Under this agreement, HnG Medical Incorporated will act as the exclusive manufacturing representative for Medibrane in China. This strategic partnership aims to harness the collective strengths of both entities to facilitate broader access to Medibrane’s cutting-edge healthcare solutions within the Chinese market. “We are enthusiastic about our collaboration with HnG Medical Incorporated, as it perfectly aligns with our strategic vision to positively impact healthcare in China,” stated Elad Einav, CEO of Medibrane Ltd. “HnG Medical Incorporated’s extensive expertise and established presence in the region make them the ideal partner to represent and promote our innovative solutions.” Medibrane Ltd Forges Strategic Manufacturing Representation Partnership with HnG Medical Incorporated in China Medibrane Ltd is renowned for its advanced Contract Manufacturing solutions, designed to elevate patient outcomes and optimize healthcare processes. This partnership with HnG Medical Incorporated will empower Medibrane to cater to the specific needs of the Chinese market, offering tailored solutions that cater to the diverse healthcare landscape of the country. “We are honored to partner with Medibrane Ltd and showcase their exceptional healthcare solutions in China,” remarked William Zhong, CEO of HnG Medical Incorporated. “This collaboration perfectly aligns with our mission to introduce cutting-edge technologies to the Chinese healthcare sector, further advancing medical practices in the region.” The manufacturing representation agreement underscores a mutual commitment to fostering innovation and enhancing healthcare delivery in China. Medibrane Ltd and HnG Medical Incorporated are confident that this strategic partnership will unlock new growth opportunities and contribute to the overall enhancement of healthcare services in the country.

News Theradaptive can now enroll patients at each site in Australia listed with Bellberry as part of its global clinical study for OsteoAdapt SP. Theradaptive, a market leader in targeted regenerative therapeutics, has received full ethics approval from the Bellberry Ethics Committee to commence its OASIS in-human study in Australia for its novel spinal fusion implant OsteoAdapt SP. Theradaptive can now enroll patients at each site in Australia listed with Bellberry as part of its global clinical study for OsteoAdapt SP, thus extending Theradaptive’s OASIS trial already enrolling patients in the US. With the over 65 population in Australia expected to almost double to 6.7 million by 20421, the demand for spinal fusion surgery will continue to increase. Degeneration of the discs that support the vertebrae in the lower part of the spine is an inevitable part of the aging process. Current surgical options are not effective for all patients, leading to ongoing pain, the need for further, complex surgery, and reliance on prescription pain medication. Techniques currently used are also associated with severe pain, loss of mobility and a significant impact on quality of life. Advancing spinal fusion outcomes for patients Theradaptive aims to advance the standard of care with OsteoAdapt SP by giving surgeons the ability to deliver a powerful bone formation agent to the precise location it is needed, without the concerns of off-target effects. There is a growing need for new options that produce anatomically precise bone and improved outcomes for patients. Alongside development for spinal fusion, OsteoAdapt SP is being studied in a range of other spinal conditions as well as separate indications in dental, sports medicine, and veterinary medicine. Professor Ian Whittle, MD, PhD, Director of Research & Education at The International Spine Centre (3D Research@TISC), Australia, commented: “OsteoAdapt SP has the potential to transform the way we treat degenerative spinal diseases. At The International Spine Centre we have pioneered an individualized and patientcentric approach to spinal surgery, and we welcome this unique opportunity to be the first international location in Theradaptive’s clinical trial program, and the chance to bring this important new treatment to Australian patients.” Dr YH Yau, FRCSEd (Neurosurgeon), FRACS, Clinical Director & Co-Founder at The International Spine Centre will be the lead surgeon and PI for the study. He comments that “Whilst only a small proportion of people with spinal conditions are indicated for any form of fusion surgery, the opportunity to perform this surgery well and to achieve excellent and safe bone fusion is very encouraging.” Theradaptive to Expand Global Clinical Trials After Receiving Full Ethics Approval in Australia for OsteoAdapt SP This initial feasibility study, marking the first ever clinical study for OsteoAdapt SP, will commence in April and will recruit 80 patients from sites in Australia and the U.S. The purpose of the study is to assess the safety and effectiveness of OsteoAdapt SP as a replacement for the current surgical standard of care and identify the most appropriate OsteoAdapt SP dose to be investigated in a future pivotal study. More details can be found at ClinicalTrials.gov identifier NCT06154005. Australia as a global clinical trial destination John Greenbaum, SVP of Regulatory & Clinical Affairs at Theradaptive, said: “Australia has a global reputation for high-quality research and a long history of contributing to the advancement of spinal surgical knowledge and technologies. With a flexible and streamlined regulatory system that is closely aligned with the U.S. system, we can deliver robust global clinical trials for OsteoAdapt SP in a cost and timeefficient way.” For U.S. companies initiating early clinical trials, Australia is a particularly attractive trial location. Recent research suggests that before tax incentives, clinical trials in Australia are 28% more cost-effective than in the U.S., rising to 60% more cost-effective after-tax incentives.2 The benefits of Australia as a trial destination go beyond the financial, and include world-class research teams, state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities and a global reputation for highquality clinical research. Theradaptive’s therapeutic platform creates material-binding variants of recombinant therapeutic proteins that bind to medical devices, implants, and injectable carriers. By enabling anatomically precise and locally-sustained therapeutic delivery, the platform aims to improve the efficacy and safety of current treatments on the market. Theradaptive’s unprecedented three Breakthrough Medical Device Designations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reinforce the groundbreaking nature of this new approach and its potential for the treatment of degenerative spinal diseases. A future of expansion is good news for Frederick, Maryland Theradaptive CEO and founder Luis Alvarez, PhD, said “The decision by the Bellberry Ethics Committee represents a significant milestone for Theradaptive as it signals an acceleration of our transition to a clinical-stage organization and our ambitions for global expansion in order to bring OsteoAdapt SP to patients around the world. We are about to embark on a period of growth that will transform our operations here in Maryland and internationally and we are actively seeking the best talent in the industry to join our world-class team at this exciting time for Theradaptive.”

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 8 Karam Boutique Residential is one of the largest and most successful property development companies in its region, operating throughout Queensland and the Sunshine Coast, and even going as far out as New South Wales, Byron Bay, and the fringes of Brisbane. Guided by an unrelenting focus on providing quality, boutique apartments for its diverse and valued client base, everyone from the discerning buyer through to the seasoned investor can find the right choice for them through this exemplary business. We have the pleasure of catching up with Chairman and Founder Neade Karam, who tells us more about the company’s stellar undertakings. It would be fair to say that Queenslandbased Karam Boutique Residential lives and breathes boutique residential development, viewing its work as more than just building properties, and rather, as an art form that is realised one step at a time. Firm in the belief that they are only as good as their most recent project - a sentiment that they feel too applies to all developers - this team strive to exceed even their own highest standards from one project to the next, pursuing perfection at every avenue. Determined to deliver projects that are exciting, innovative, and kind to our environment, Karam brings clients from all backgrounds together under the collective banner of excellent property investment opportunities. To get it right from the start, always and in all ways. This phrase serves as the backbone and guiding philosophy of Karam and stands as the very foundation that this company is built on. Leveraging a wealth of experiences and with numerous successfully completed projects under their belts, Neade and his team are proud to offer an allencompassing service that begins at pre-acquisition and continues through to post-completion, ensuring that clients are in great hands across the entire process. As Neade tells us, “good oldfashioned customer service and simple straight-talking sets Karam apart in our modern-day society and industry, after all, great service costs not a dollar more.” Bolstered by this ethos, it is the aim of this team to empower their clients, allowing them to grow their own brand and forge a real estate portfolio that knows no bounds, something that affords them with the opportunity and the freedom to live the life they want, utilising this portfolio to their advantage. Aiding Karam in achieving this for clients is its unique standing in the Queensland property development market, whereby it has chosen to focus on the key indicators of affordability and liveability, distinguishing it from its competitors, many of whom choose to prioritise infrastructure and migration flows. In doing this, a positive reflection can be expected in both assets and liabilities for clients further down the line. This going against the grain is just one example of the company’s proactive approach to putting its internal culture in action, a culture that is defined by what Neade refers to as a “commitment to growth on every level.” Although such growth is of paramount importance when it comes to evolving with the times, Neade stresses, “the qualities we value in our company are still pretty old fashioned, with the key ingredient being a total self-respect flowed outwardly the same way it flows inwardly.” While this has been adopted effectively and is present across Karam’s loyal, dedicated, and hardworking team, nurturing such a workplace environment requires constant effort and a keen attention to detail. In his leadership position, Neade seeks to educate his staff to the very best of his ability, before giving them the space to grow and develop on their own. As he explains, “through their very own self-development techniques, they learn and adapt along the way through life’s individual journey, and their collective journey [is what makes] the Karam brand what it is today.” Elaborating further on the wisdom that he seeks to impart to his team, Neade tells us about “The Karam Way”, which entails one remembering that anything and everything is possible if their belief is strong is enough and they back this up with hard work and dedication with a laser focus. On the back of this message, it is Karam’s united vision to create bespoke and boutique developments that are expertly designed, built to the highest calibre, and always aesthetically pleasing, ultimately setting a new gold standard for client experience. This vision is supported by the firm’s unwavering client commitment, which involves traversing the ebbs and flows of the cycles which dominate the real estate industry, the end result being that all investments procured are sound and ultimately positioned Best Residential Development Firm 2024 - Queensland Jan24539 APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 6

9 as effectively as possible for longterm growth. Of course, these properties are not just for future investment, they are built for individuals and families alike to enjoy in the here and now, as well as for years to come. Such an outlook has resulted in the fostering of a five-fold process that is in effect across Karam’s operation, a system that is designed to make acquiring a property as easy as possible for clients, getting them in their new home as swiftly as can be. This all begins with the enquiry, before the contracts are processed, and then the deposit is paid. From here, settlement funds are arranged, and finally, the handover of the keys takes place. A process that can only amply be described as seamless, the transparent approach to business that is present across every element of this brand ensures that the correct morals and ethics are upheld and displayed, and staff are committed to delivering their quality services with pride. Now that one understands the mindset behind Karam Boutique Residential and the tireless efforts that have resulted in the establishing of such a renowned and celebrated brand, it is time to venture deeper into specifics, namely the company’s terrific residential development projects, beginning with those that have already been completed. To date, seven finished developments stand as beacons of excellence across Queensland, such as Central Apartments in Underwood. A fantastic location, this small suburb boasts such nearby amenities as shopping centres and supermarkets, and the three- and four-bedroom apartments comprising this complex have been expertly designed with both families and investors in mind. Equal distinction can be seen in the coastal suburb of Scarborough, where Ripple Residences offers all of the charm and uniquity this area is famed for. With close proximity to a breathtaking marina and some of the most enviable views of the famous Moreton Bay, these two- and three-bed room units radiate natural light and define open-plan living, making a sophisticated statement about contemporary luxury living in the process. In a similar vein, Sunset Apartments in Redcliffe, the first European settlement in Queensland, provide the ultimate seaside holiday on one’s doorstep, with these spacious two- and threebedroom apartments featuring two bathrooms, space for a single car, and a large storage area. Limited to 18 of only the finest boutique apartments, each with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and space for one car, Dream by Karam in Chermside provides the premier tranquil suburban living experience that one would expect from a high-end, luxury, inner-city apartment, all from the comfort of a modern, trendy, and peaceful setting. Those who appreciate eye-catching, timeless architecture will surely be enamoured with Kings Beach’s Seashore Apartments, with this complex ushering in a new era of luxury living by the beach, inviting its residents to enjoy the sandy beaches, headlands, parks, and bike/walking trails adorning this landscape, made effortless by these apartments being so near to them all. The final completed projects are Address by Karam and Drift by Karam, the former of which is located in Coorparoo, a leafy urban suburb positioned in a vibrant restaurant precinct. Featuring eight glorious twobedroom units that span two levels, this development also includes a luxury town home, all nestled in a quaint location featuring such amenities as a cinema complex just a short walk away. In Woody Point, Drift by Karam features 14 two- and threebedroom units that are spread across three levels, and each unit features double lock-up garages on ground level. Perfect for thrill seekers, Woody Point is famed for its abundance of water activities, such as swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and jet skiing. In addition to these remarkable completed boutique residences, Karam currently has an additional two in construction, namely The Beverly in Rochedale South and Urban Apartments in Gaythorne. Billed as, “an investment that is tailored to perform”, The Beverly is an investor’s dream brought to life, thanks to a higher depreciation deduction and a building with low maintenance costs. The two-, three-, and fourbedroom apartments set to line this complex have been specifically designed to appease a resident’s every need, from the light-filled spaces and gorgeous views of 7

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 10 the greenery below, through to the open-plan layout that is designed to maximise functionality and provide ample space. Likewise, Gaythorne’s Urban Apartments will embody urban living splendour thanks to 14 apartments overlooking this panoramic pocket of Queensland, all complete with sunny, northeast-facing frontages. Consisting of one twobedroom apartment, 12 three-bedroom apartments, and one four-bedroom apartment, these lowmaintenance apartments will be perfect for future investors, those looking to purchase their first home, or professionals. Untapped access to the nearby amenities of innercity living sweetens the deal, and from the shops, schools, and a train station all in walking distance, through to the shopping and dining experiences available in every direction, there truly is something for everyone here. More exquisite developments are set to follow in the near future, with five currently in the pipeline, Home by Karam in Mount Gravatt East, Sunrise on Deacon in Coppers Plains, Dream Luxury Apartments by Karam in Chermside, The Langford by Karam in Springwood, and finally, Tranquillity by Karam in Cleveland. Anybody who buys one of these apartments from Karam is also afforded access to its well-researched and architecturally stunning finishes, which are available in two distinct but equally desirable styles, luxury and signature. The differences between these two areas are subtle, but ultimately contribute measurably to a place being made a person’s own, as well as also impacting the overall investment. Regarding Karam’s luxury finishes, these represent the finest that its team have to offer, and they always think outside of the box in order to bring a bespoke sense of opulence to every space in a client’s home. From kitchen appliances through to bathroom taps, a built-in outdoor BBQ, and even general finishes, the uppermost care is taken so that luxury radiates at each turn. Similarly, the signature collection refuses to compromise on quality, utilising nothing less than the finest materials and organic textures throughout these finishes, with each element being chosen for its innate ability to capture the desired ambience and trueness, aging gracefully over time so as to result in a simple, beautiful, and highquality abode. As Karam Boutique Residential continues to set the bar for high calibre finishes and even higher calibre craftsmanship, Neade tells us a little more about what 2024 and beyond has in store for the company. He explains, “the Karam brand’s future looks extremely bright if you consider the way our company is currently placed in one of the toughest market conditions the real estate industry APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 8

11 has ever faced, in particular the building industry. Our projects and product delivery to the market are forever evolving and always innovative, as we hold our values and ethos close at hand at all times […] to create our own market. By doing this, it ensures Karam will always dominate the space [it is] in.” In closing, Neade tells us, “most would say seeing is believing - however a famous quote that truly resonates with our company and is embedded in our […] philosophy is that, in order for us to see it we must first believe it.” Seeing really is believing when it comes to the tremendous property development projects undertaken by this team, and we invite our readers to check out the business’ constantly developing offerings and stay updated on its progress with ongoing projects, as they are sure to mirror the outstanding craftsmanship, luxury, and functionality that defines all of Karam Boutique Residential developments and will continue to do so for many years still to come. Contact Details Contact: Neade Karam Company: Karam Boutique Residential Web Address: www.karambr. com.au 9

APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 10 Best Premium Yacht Broker 2024 Many dream of embarking on the boundless venture that is the nautical lifestyle, but it often times seems like an arduous journey to undertake alone. From trying to determine what yacht would best suit your lifestyle, to garnering a detailed overview of the various aspects of ownership and affordability, there are many elements that come into play when deciding to take the plunge. Thankfully, awardwining Nova Nautical is on-hand to ensure that its clients’ dreams come to fruition as seamlessly as possible. Helping people to partake in the voyage they’ve always imagined is where this premium yacht broker specialises, and we take a closer look at what made this very approach possible. Defining itself as a one stop solution for quality yachting – one that proudly markets some of the industry’s most respected names – Nova Nautical has quickly amassed quite the reputation across new and experienced yacht owners alike. Whether individuals are approaching it in hopes of receiving quality advice on how to manage or upgrade their current yachts, or are seeking guidance when investing in their new nautical venture, the company is eager to demonstrate just how wellversed in the industry it truly is. It’s clear that Nova Nautical adores its craft, and it leverages this immense passion to exceed the expectations of clients time and time again. This talent is further empowered by an impressive depth of trade knowledge that descends from its work with major names across the market. From Rodman Leisure Craft and Gottsegen New Energy Catamaran and Hybrid Yacht, to Cormorant Trawler and Lobster, Comet Monohull and C-Catamaran, and Navisyo Home-on-Water, Nova Nautical has an abundance of experience that equips it with the means to deliver quality services to its clients. Partnered with the fact that the company meticulously deploys the best design, craftsmen, engineering, methods, and materials available, Nova Nautical manages to guarantee that buyers receive a quality of service beyond anything they may have expected. For a collective that lives and breathes its craft, it’s only fitting that such an approach is what it has come to be recognised for. Uncompromising in its approach toward meeting the highest attainable standards, and committed to delivering a total ownership experience to each individual client, Nova Nautical has accumulated a vast wealth of renown across both Singapore and the wider world alike. By combining a breadth of nautical experience with exceptional customer service, the company has distinguished itself from its competition, and yet where its unique selling point truly lies is in Nova Secure. Unavailable from any other yacht broker currently on the market, this 100% redemption value buyback program essentially eliminates the depreciation of a new or demo yacht. Anyone involved in the sphere will understand just how detrimental depreciation can be, and nobody recognises it quite like Nova Nautical. In response, it developed a means for customers to own a new or demon yacht for eight years, almost entirely free of depreciation. As such, Nova Nautical has earned a reputation for being one of the best at its trade, with its craft expertise in both a physical and monetary sense consistently attracting clients from across the globe. In response to such a staggering growth, the company has adapted accordingly, especially upon identifying the greater needs of its brimming clientele. Mar24027 As time has progressed, there’s been a greater outcry for more sustainable and energy efficient ways of realising the nautical dream, and thus Nova Nautical embarked on its own journey to discover a solution. This solution takes the form of the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran. Among a collection of reputable market names, this yacht is one that Nova Nautical is particularly proud of – from its superior efficiency to its premium design. But what makes the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran so distinct? As a pure, electrically designed unit, this catamaran has been specifically developed to align with the mission of increased sustainability. As such, it was created with solar panels that source a consistent stream of energy, while leaving additional room for comfort - the yacht is a fully sustainable, full-electric creation that’s clean in both design and emission output. Partnered with its straight line and spacious interior – one that’s able to accommodate up to 24 guests and a crew of two members – the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran perfectly balances aesthetic with efficiency to bring an elite experience to the market. Complete with two spacious master bedrooms, a large party lounge area, and a main saloon at the back of the yacht, there’s ample opportunity for owners to truly indulge in the nautical dream. Part of what makes the Gottsegen 62 New Energy Catamaran so alluring, however, is just how energy efficient it truly is. This is presented in the form of its electric motors, LiFeO4 battery – a battery that trumps the ever-famous lithium ion battery – and its myriad of solar panels adorning the exterior of the yacht. Combined, these factors make for a vessel that, above all else, preserves the safety of both guests and the planet as a whole. Nova Nautical is more than aware that its industry has played a part in heightening emissions over the years, and has gone above and beyond to begin making a real change in its own way. As such, it has framed itself as a collective that not only cares about the satisfaction of its clients, but the overall impact that its trade has on the wider world. We’re certain that, as Nova Nautical progresses even further, we can expect to see many more exceptional examples of energy efficiency from this highly conscious company. In short, Nova Nautical is more than just a premium yacht broker – it’s a company whose vision for the future manifests through its practises. No matter what a client may request, it promises to be on-hand to provide, all while upholding its unwavering dedication to crafting a better future for the trade. As such, there’s no yacht broker more deserving of the spotlight than Nova Nautical. We eagerly anticipate the realisation of Nova Nautical’s plans for 2024, and we hope that it continues to astound and impress all manner of clients as it welcomes a new age of yachting. Contact: Len Lee NOVA NAUTICAL & Nova Nautical Sdn Bhd https://novanautical.com


APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 12 Jan24149 Borne from a passion for exploring the great Australian wilderness in a way that is luxurious, safe, and innovative, My Dream RV exists to transform caravan travelling as we know it. Founded by global business market leader, with experience in 12 countries across the world, Mathew John, My Dream RV is a handpicked team of caravan manufacturing specialists who know exactly what it takes to ensure the utmost comfort, safety, and style whilst discovering the wonders of the Australian outdoors. Living up to the company name, the team really do create the RVs of their clients’ dreams. Boosting the Australian caravan industry and its undisputed capital, Melbourne North, suburb of Epping, Broadmeadows, and Somerton, the highly skilled, qualified, and passionate team at My Dream RV craft every caravan to the highest possible standard, with awardwinning features including the innovative shape of each vehicle, their custom offering, exemplary craftmanship and quality, and being the only company to build fully electric caravans. Each dream caravan is made a reality through months of meticulous planning of every single detail, from the unique aesthetic to meeting environmental requirements, all to ensure the entire experience is beyond compare for their valued clientele. The team hail from 14 different countries across the globe and have industry experience as niche as mining of precious metals, with this bringing the best in business practices and diverse insights to the table. My Dream RV came about when Mathew John saw an urgent need to address the difficulties plaguing caravan owners, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) survey revealing that 80% of caravan owners have experienced a malfunction with their caravan that they could not fix, with many finding their issue was completely ignored by the company they purchased it from. Also amongst reports were misleading sales and claims regarding consumer guarantee rights and warranties. As such, My Dream RV has employed a holistic strategy that addresses these main pain points. Mathew knows just how much a caravan means to its owner, as they have made a large financial investment and anticipated the ownership of their vehicle greatly. And when something goes wrong during a trip, it is all the more stressful, disappointing, and frustrating when they can’t get the help they need. Thus, Mathew understood that it was time for a vital change, promising to go above and beyond to conquer these challenges. Within the expert team is General Manager, Don Rafiq, a distinguished engineer with 50 years’ experience in Australian caravan manufacturing. With his contributions, My Dream RV has been able to introduce an efficient, rigorous, and precise product manufacturing process, which extends from the order being made, to assembling the caravan, to the delivery of the product to the client, and it includes any required follow-ups or repairs, too. Such in-depth development means that clients are guaranteed to receive their order within the agreed timeframe, and it also makes certain that they will be able to access support whenever needed, even during the most unexpected instances when it is needed most. By extension, Mathew and Don’s combined experience truly makes them a force to be reckoned with. To become as successful as it is today, My Dream RV has invested substantially in research and development, both locally and internationally, to ensure it remains ahead of the curve. It is a company that truly believes in the power of innovation, being dedicated to implementing state-of-theart technology in its processes, while also working with designers around the world to feature the latest in design and components. It also works with safety-oriented companies to create pioneering Australian technology with the aim of reducing road accidents that involve the towing of caravans. Such a robust focus on safety reflects the company’s commitment to its clients’ peace of mind when they’re out on the open road. The collaborations don’t end there, though, for the company also works with dealers dotted right across the country to make its caravans, parts, and accessories available in every state. It plans to expand this network further to enhance accessibility and customer service, reaching more prospective buyers and offering them more options. Not only is My Dream RV dedicated to delivering strong functionality and reliability in its caravans, but luxury and style, too, with the team believing that comfort and stylishness should be a top priority in order to enhance the travel experience. From the moment an individual steps inside a My Dream RV caravan, they are welcomed by an elegance and sense of contentment created by thoughtful interiors, high-end amenities, the finest materials, and tasteful finishes, from plush seating area to fitted-out kitchen, to lavish sleeping space with storage space underneath, to electrics throughout. For My Dream RV doesn’t just create caravans, it crafts “dreams on wheels” that represent the Australian way of life – and they come in three product ranges: Dream Catcher, Dream Delight, and Dream Custom. Dream Catcher Dream Catcher is the first of My Dream RV’s caravan ranges to be rolled off the factory floor. With six caravans to choose from, they start at 17’6” on a single axle and go up to 23’ as family size, making the model suitable for everyone. Designed to be fully off-road, these caravans have everything that you would expect from an off-road van, plus so much more that truly makes them stand out within the Australian market. Explore the range. Dream Delight After the acclaim of the Dream Catcher line, My Dream RV launched its Dream Delight collection, redefining caravan luxury and showcasing unparalleled craftmanship and innovation. With two premier models available including the opulent 18.’6” and spacious 20’3”, these caravans are thoughtfully designed and exude sophistication, being crafted for those who seek to make each getaway unforgettable, stylish, and indulgent. Explore the range. Dream Custom The Dream Custom range features four tailor-made offroad caravans, designed to align with each client’s individual specification, aspirations, and dreams. Meticulously customised, each Dream Custom caravan is the perfect fit to their unique adventurer, making them matchless within the Australian Most Innovative Luxury RV Manufacturer 2024 – Victoria Quality Build, Unique Design, Australian-Made

13 industry. These caravans are more than just a vehicle, they epitomise the team’s devotion towards enhancing comfort and exploration, with each model paying the ultimate tribute to adventuring in Australia. Explore the range. Dream X Sporting a different shape, the Dream X model has a rounded top with a flatter base, making it a unique addition to My Dream RV’s collection. As Dream X is due to be ready for the market in the coming weeks. With this addition, and with My Dream RV working on other electrical systems to complement the evolution of its caravan’s looks, alongside the pending use of aluminium frames with composite roofs, we invite you to watch this space! While My Dream RV’s offering is a luxurious one, Mathew is sure to emphasise that this leisureliness and extravagance isn’t only restricted to the select few. He believes that luxury should be within everyone’s reach, thus making it more accessible for a wider audience through reasonable prices that are made possible by a refined manufacturing process and supply chains. However, this affordability isn’t to say that it loses out on quality – as we have gathered by now, quite the opposite of this with its fine craftmanship, materials, and features. There’s no denying the way the company cares, too, for its people, its clients, and its community. In the local community, it has contributed to major changes in the landscape of outdoor sports. My Dream RV supports its local sports in soccer, sponsoring Melbourne Victory, Bundoora United, Heidelberg United, Pascoe Vale Football Club, Sas Futbol Club, Eltham Redbacks, and Green Gully. It has recently proudly supported as international coaches, visited from top soccer clubs around the world to shape young players to play at an international level, and signed up as major sponsors for two years with Melbourne’s GTR events. Additionally, My Dream RV Cinema is a notable venture fully supported by the entire team. Mathew tirelessly channels his passion for football by working with filmmaker Vihan Suryavanshi to produce outstanding cinematic experiences. The pair’s creation, “The Ultimate Dream”, is an Australian football club documentary which comments on the pure passion within the sport – and this cinematic platform is set to offer so much more than a visual banquet. Always evolving, with its philosophy of expansion and development of new technologies in order to be a market leader in the sphere, My Dream RV prioritises being nimble enough to adapt to the ever-changing market and the strategies it requires. Mathew and Don truly make the sky the limit as they think on a global scale while still acting locally. Having become a household name in such a short space of time, My Dream RV will continue to elevate people’s experience with Australian-made caravans. We wish the company all the best for the future to come. Contact Details Company: My Dream RV Contact: Mathew John, Managing Director Email: [email protected] Website: www.mydreamrv.com.au

APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 14 Known for the best infrastructure and real estate development in Varanasi, India, Chaupal Sansadhan Limited is an infrastructure development company under the leadership of Ashvinee Kumar. The business has a great reputation for creating bespoke designs and converting clients’ visions into reality by planning, financing, constructing, and managing various housing projects. We learn more about the company following its success in winning its titles within the APAC Business Awards 2023. “Whether you are looking to invest in new build and refurbishment schemes, collaborate on bespoke projects, or are an existing landowner with a joint venture idea, Chaupal Sansadhan has the collective skills and experience to translate your ideas.” Since its establishment, Chaupal Sansadhan has been unwavering in its commitment to rural infrastructure development, engaging in every facet from conceptualisation to execution. With a focus on Varanasi and its surrounding districts, Chaupal Sansadhan has transformed numerous plots in exemplary housing projects. Operating within a robust corporate governance framework, the company has spearheaded various infrastructure endeavours, encompassing resource development, construction, and land development. Its portfolio includes services ranging from civil engineering to architecture, catering to the holistic needs of rural India. Aligned with the Government of India’s “Invest India” initiative, Chaupal Sansadhan strives to attract investors keen on contributing to rural development, particularly in Varanasi and Uttar Pradesh. The company offers diverse investment opportunities including new constructions, refurbishments, and joint schemes, leveraging its expertise to actualise innovative ideas. “It would be great place to be associated with Chaupal Sansadhan to upgrade your lifestyle as World Class Standard just in Local Price. We are working hard to create infrastructure project with strong Corporate Governance Framework.” Renowned for transparency, collaborative innovation, and community empowerment, this firm has earned its stature of a leading estate developer. Open communication lies in the heart of Chaupal Sansadhan’s ethos, fostering trust and loyalty among shareholders. Recognising customers as paramount, the company goes the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction and engagement. Furthermore, it extends support beyond mere transactions, nurturing long-term partnerships with its business associates. Embracing a culture of inclusivity and respect, Chaupal Sansadhan values its workforce and invests in their development through trainings and mentorships. At the helm of Chaupal Sansadhan is Managing Director Ashvinee Kumar, a distinguished academic with plethora of qualifications spanning governance, history, and tourism. His qualifications include a Master’s Program in Governance from World Peace University, Pune, India, (Under UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy & Peace) and he was a Postgraduate in History at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India. He also holds a Vocational Degree in Tourism & Travel Management from BHU, Varanasi, India. Furthermore, he holds a CPCG - Certificate Program in Corporate Governance from Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, MCA, Government of India, Delhi and an Incredible India Tourist Guide and Facilitator certificate from the Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. He was a qualified Independent Director of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, MCA, Government of India, Delhi, with a Certificate on Eradication of Biological & Chemical Weapons, from MIT-World Peace University, Pune, India. He earned a Certificate in International Public Management and Law from the Academy of Public Management, Safety and Law, Hague University, in the Netherlands, a Diploma in Yoga from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India, 1999, and he took part in the Indian Cultural Heritage Best Infrastructure & Real Estate Development Company 2023 - Northern India & APAC Insider Special Recognition Award: Building-the-Future-of-Tomorrow Today 2023 Jan24006 Chaupal Sansadhan Limited

15 Specialist Guide Program, UNESCO & INTAC. Ashvinee’s remarkable educational background has equipped him to lead through various challenges, including the financial uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through strategic adaptation and a self-finance model, Chaupal Sansadhan has been resilient and poised to navigate future obstacles with confidence. Ashvinee’s visionary leadership has driven Chaupal Sansadhan to success, instilling a spirit of ownership and commitment among employees. Moreover, his strategic vision, coupled with his deep-rooted commitment to social responsibility continuously improves the functionality of the team as a whole. Under his guidance, the business has cultivated a social culture that celebrates diversity and nurtures inclusivity, ensuring a harmonious work environment. Chaupal Sansadhan is focusing on certain key doctrines, such as adaptability to navigate unpredictable business landscape and agility to foster collaboration, leveraging collective intelligence as an open source for the firm. The company is keen about resilient thinking to underpin system design and fortifying it to withstand unforeseen disruptions in the business. - To anticipate diverse future enabling proactive strategies, Chaupal Sansadhan centres around scenarios-based planning for the benefit of the company. Besides, utilizing purpose driven initiatives it anchors actions to core objectives to amplify organisational efficacy. To help akin businesses to evolve innovatively Chaupal Sansadhan uses Phantomization and it is always digitally ready so that it can promote self-learning, adaptation, and sustainability to empower continuous growth of the company and its business partners. Alongside, it employs its capability of self-disruption and catalyses innovation, ensuring relevance in dynamic market. Exercising climate consciousness this construction firm underscores a commitment to sustainability and advocating eco-friendly practices. By amalgamating all the above principles along with autonomous innovation, Chaupal Sansadhan prioritises community empowerment to foster inclusive progress and forges a robust framework prepared for enduring success and positive societal impact. Looking forward to Chaupal Sansadhan’s ongoing pursuit of expanding accessible living opportunities, the company is proud to announce the introduction of several dynamic projects across Varanasi and its adjoining districts. Among these initiatives are Chaupal Village, Ramnath Villa, and Vedic Villa. Each of these projects embodies this construction company’s commitment to creating affordable living solutions while enhancing the quality of life for residents. Chaupal Sansadhan’s vision extends towards a prosperous future of Uttar Pradesh, characterised by transformative developments in Varanasi and other pivotal districts. By the end of 2024, the company’s goal is to unveil vibrant communities through meticulously planned housing projects, bustling commercial centre to strengthen local economies and elevate societal well-being. With dedication, it aspires to construct homes for one million individuals, thereby addressing the pressing needs for accessible housing. Chaupal Sansadhan is currently working on a framework called ASSURED, which stands for, Assure, Scalable, Sustainable, Universal, Rapid, Excellent, and Distinction. This monumental undertaking, highlights Chaupal Sansadhan’s commitment to serving communities and contributing to the sustainable growth of Varanasi and Uttar Pradesh. Chaupal Sansadhan stays steadfast in its loyalty to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility. Through collaborative efforts with stakeholders and leveraging innovative technologies, the company strives to exceed expectations and sets new benchmarks in rural development. In essence, Chaupal Sansadhan stands as a beacon of progress, dedicated to the holistic development of rural India. It is no wonder that it has been awarded the title of Best Infrastructure & Real Estate Development Company 2023 - Northern India and crowned with the APAC Insider Special Recognition Award: Buildingthe-Future-of-Tomorrow Today 2023. With steadfast commitment to integrity, innovation, and community empowerment, Chaupal Sansadhan continues to redefine the landscape of infrastructure development, guided by vision of a brighter, more sustainable future. Contact: Ashvinee Kumar Company: Chaupal Sansadhan Limited Web Address: https://www. chaupalsansadhan.com/

APAC Insider- Q2 2024 | 16 As Queensland’s primary property investment specialist, Lescorp Pty Ltd is the go-to provider for all property investment needs, and by leveraging the fundamental goal of guiding customers every step of the way, this team can expertly assist with everything from location research to investment analysis and selection, demonstrably saving customers time and effort as they attain the perfect property for their unique personal and financial needs. Whether one is buying property for the first time or is planning for their retirement, they are certain to find terrific investment solutions from this exemplary property investment company. Acting as a straightforward and helpful way to purchase quality developments in in-demand locations across Australia, with customers ensured that each of the areas in question are strong capital growth opportunities and can yield a healthy return on rent, Lescorp Pty Ltd also takes excellent care of the properties of its clients, ridding them of the associated worry. Whatever the solution chosen by a customer, Lescorp has the appropriate specialist, and from choosing the right property to securing the right finance, checking the contracts, managing a property on an ongoing basis, or even looking after one’s taxation benefits, Lescorp’s team address all the needs of the successful modern investor. Situated at the heart of the stellar reputation held by the company is Director Gregory Lesina, a true industry professional who possesses just shy of 30 years of experience in the sector, having previously founded and ran a national property investment advisory firm that managed more than 20,000 clients with great success during his tenure. Since its establishment in 2005, Gregory has served as Lescorp’s sole owner, utilising nearly two decades in the role to add value to a client’s growing investment portfolio in a straightforward, sustainable manner. In just a few minutes over coffee, Gregory is entirely confident in his ability to communicate exactly why so many people choose Lescorp. Thanks to this approach, the company has been able to streamline its service offering, which, a representative for Lescorp tells us, “is a more boutique client relationship where [the] clients we bring on board are personal clients of the Director himself.” As a result of the pronounced emphasis placed on the bespoke, many of the new clients that this team take on first hear about the company from one of its satisfied existing clients, the consequence of which has been the creation of one big happy family, where “we enjoy long-term relationships with our clients, as everybody’s journey with us may start at different places but all result in outperforming the market outcomes”, explains the representative. Nurturing growth in the current climate has thankfully been relatively simplistic, as since the Australian property landscape is currently suffering from a shortage of available rental accommodation, which has predictably caused a surge in rents, the returns for investors renting out their properties are higher now than ever before. Thus, there has never been a better time to invest in property, and with this team on hand to help execute quality research, a high level of educational support is available right across one’s journey, ultimately culminating in the right decision being made based off of well-informed decisions. As for the future of the investment space, the company’s representative stresses the importance of potential investors considering, “the strength of an area’s economy, labour market opportunities, and infrastructure projects”, “which all are important to society.” Lescorp’s commitment to the future is also on display through many of its generational clients, whereby individuals repeat the same successful process their parents did with Lescorp, resulting in healthy income streams for them and their families. This dedication to both old and new clients alike will continue to manifest itself in the form of personalised services for years yet to come, with great outcomes strived for across the board, regardless of the nature of the investment. On the back of such a relentless commitment to clients, we are proud to name Lescorp Pty Ltd as the Most Client-Focused Property Investment Company 2024 – Queensland. We invite our local readers who may be interested in this area to bear the company in mind the next time they think about taking the leap into the prosperous world of property investment. Contact Details Contact: Gregory Lesina Company: Lescorp Pty Ltd Web Address: https://www. lescorp.com.au/ Most Client-Focused Property Investment Company 2024 - Queensland Feb24151