Q2 2023

Feb22538 KozyGuru is a short-term property management company that was founded in 2016. It began offering its services in Sydney, Australia but it has since grown and expanded its customer base as well as the services it provides. We take a look at what it does and find out more about what drives its success. In the last seven years the company has seen an accelerated growth in the demand for its services. Currently, it successfully manages hundreds of properties, which are located around Australia, Canada, and the UK. Its mission is to help clients unlock the potential of their rental homes. When uploading a property into a website that already has so many other places to rent within the same location, first impressions really do matter. Especially the featured image, as it determines whether potential guests will click into the advert to find out more about what the property offers. Having a team of experts that know how to catch people’s attention helps drive more traction to the properties’ profile – which leads to maximising occupancy rates and revenue. KozyGuru offers a variety of skills to help its clients make the most of their properties, these include guest communication, property cleaning, essential restocking, key exchanges, price optimization, photography and design, and routine inspections. Not only does this helps its clients in getting more bookings, but also allows them to live freely wherever they wish as the team can take care of it all. It has few packages available to choose from, which gives clients room to decide what services best suit their needs – Handsoff management package that includes all of KozyGuru’s services in one, secondly it offers the home styling package, which works on utilising the space while also making it aesthetically pleasing. Last but not least, KozyGuru offers hosting partnership program to assist short term new host/ local experience host to start/ scale up their hosting business. By choosing this program, KozuGuru mentors would assist new host to start their journey. The hands-off management package comes with great benefits. KozyGuru furnishes its clients property for them, it uses in house interior designers, so the final results are stunning! When it comes to the cleaning, there is no need to buy anything as its team come equipped with everything they may need. In terms of letting guests into the property, it has different check in options such as in contact person, digital smart lock, or lockbox by request, you decide what it best for your property. The team truly does takes care of everything and ensures that your property is the best it can possibly be to attract a large volume of guests. In addition, to maximise the exposure of its clients’ properties, the team at KozyGuru uploads the properties on multiple booking channels. For example, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, booking.com, hotels.com, and more. KozyGuru has an owner’s dashboard where its clients can follow the performances from all platforms. They can also track the rental income, occupancy, number of guests, average length of stay, as well as much more. This helps the owner stay up to date with what the team at KozyGuru are accomplishing for them in real time, so they are always aware of when new quests are entering and leaving the property. The services that KozyGuru offers its clients are specially designed to increase their revenue while decreasing their stress levels and responsibilities. It is so successful that it has recently been recognised with the title of Leading Short Term Property Management Company – Australia. KozyGuru’s growth has only just begun and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for the company. Contact: Joseph Leung – Founder | CEO Company: KozyGuru Web Address: www.kozyguru.com/ Leading Short Term Property Management Company – Australia Feb23010