Q2 2023

May22239 SPTel is a joint venture between ST Engineering and SP Group. It provides connectivity and digital services to its customer base in Singapore. It aims to be the nation’s digital provider of choice and, now, it has been recognised as the Best Telecoms Provider 2023! SPTel has been around for over 20 years. It owns, builds and powers an alternative fibre network backbone in Singapore. The company extols the virtues of three core value propositions that help them stand out in their field. These are network diversity, digitalised services, and distributed hubs for edge computing. Examining these in order, firstly looking at network diversity. The company owns and manages an alternative fibre network in Singapore . This provides a completely different path to any competitor providers which means disruptions on shared infrastructure will not affect those on SPTel’s network. Its unique fibre pathways and ultra-low latency network performance has made SPTel a key network partner for Government agencies, OTT players, carriers, and enterprises. Secondly, with regards to digitalised services the company embarked on its digital transformation journey in 2018. Its vision is to become the digital services provider of choice and further Singapore’s smart nation agenda. Notable achievements include the launch of IoT-as-a-S (Internet of Things as a Service) platform with edge cloud computing - an innovative service that enables end-to-end deployment from gateway to device management platform, connectivity, computing power and storage to their end-to-end software defined network (SDN) with network functions visualisation (NFV) in 2020. Customers were given access to SPTel’s customer portal which allows for zero-touch provisioning, instant quotations and a single dashboard to view and manage their services. This allowed for services like bandwidth and cyber security to be provisioned on demand for added flexibility for their customers. Finally, SPTel has access to secure pervasive hubs around the island for edge computing close to data sources for improved latency and performance versus public cloud. This is especially critical for applications such as video analytics which requires realtime responsiveness. It is also the first operator in Singapore to launch a sensor network powered by LoRaWAN. Its gateways are housed in secured edge hub infrastructure, which ensures greater reliability as well as data sovereignty within Singapore. This further enhances the company’s IoT offerings by providing a ready connectivity solution connecting up IoT sensor devices supported by the IoTas-a-Service platform. These value premises combine to champion SPTel’s aim to become the digital services provider of choice for Singapore. Its goal is to help businesses accelerate their digital transformations with its cuttingedge ICT services that deliver reliability with an edge. SPTel’s customers consist of Government agencies, OTT players, wholesale carriers, enterprises and IoT service providers. In an increasingly interconnected and digitalised world, SPTel’s business class digital network can help such organisations to quickly increase their bandwidth requirements in as fast as 2 minutes for spans of as short as 1hour, helping to support business continuity. The company intends to continue growing its capabilities and bringing on board more pioneering solutions to enable Singapore’s smart nation goals. It intends to expand its strengths in managed cyber security, managed mobility, international connectivity and LoRaWAN connectivity. With the many happy customers utilising SPTel’s solutions to power their digitalisation goals, the winner of Best Telecoms Provider 2023 is set to delight many more in its future, as it continues on its route to become Singapore’s leading digital services provider of choice. Company: SPTel Pte Ltd. Contact: Lim Yi Xuan Web Address: www.sptel.com Best Telecoms Provider 2023 Jan23616