Q2 2023

Mar22270 FMe ba r22321287 0 Key Services is a leading provider of top-quality project installation and maintenance in Australia and New Zealand. It delivers on design and installation of air conditioning services such as cooling towers, fire damper inspections, and testing of smoke control and exhaust systems. It can also carry out all essential service testing and certification for all its sites. We take a closer look as it wins its title from APAC Insider. Key Services was launched in 1998 as a business dedicated to providing professional management services. It covers the design, installation, commissioning and servicing of air-conditioning and mechanical equipment. It serves areas such as major plant refurbishments, tenant and building fit outs and installation of air conditioning in meeting rooms, board rooms, conference rooms and computer rooms. Key Services offer an Australia and New Zealand wide service. It is a privately owned business that has a strong emphasis on delivering quality project installations, maintenance and 24-hour emergency services. It is proud to have been creating innovative and contemporary systems from the get-go, aimed at Australian owned and operated businesses. It offers its servicing capabilities throughout Australia and New Zealand, predominantly to customers with 50+ direct employees. Key Services has a code of ethics it stands by. It believes sharing knowledge is vital, and it has a commitment to continually improve its standards of service. It embraces leading edge technology and encourages use of innovative action and common sense. It believes in leadership throughout its organisation, a long-term focus and commitment to its customers and in delivering the highest ethical standards, honesty and integrity. The company has earned itself a reputation for successfully completing difficult projects within critical time frames. It has diverse project management experience and can deliver operations within budget and timeframes. Key Services can look after documentation, tender and procurement. It also supervises project teams from beginning to end, including management, supervision, cost control and final project reports. It has successfully completed individual projects in excess of $5,000,000. Key Services also delivers mechanical and building solutions. This encompasses engineering, installation, commissioning, tenancy fitouts, major plant upgrades and building refurbishments. It is a data centre specialist and will cover management and administration of commercial and industrial installations. When it comes to air conditioning installation and servicing, Key Services provides a single point of contact for service and preventative maintenance. It offers a 24-hour service, air quality control, environmental services, smoke control and exhaust systems. It will also provide mechanical services dilapidation reports, along with fault finding for commercial and industrial installations. Another service the company provides is project management solutions. This includes any major plant refurbishment/ replacement, as well as Leading Air Conditioning & Mechanical Services Provider – New South Wales tenant and building fit outs including air balancing, new supplementary AC unit installations and reconfiguring of outlets/diffusers to suit new layouts. Key Services project management solutions also include installation of specialist air conditioning equipment in meeting rooms, board rooms and computer rooms. Key Services has been responsible for handling many major projects for its clients. For example, it worked on a huge project upgrade for Telstra Mod 11 & 12. This $2,300,000 construction cost project required upgrade works to its electrical plantroom and battery room. The installation comprised of new computer room air conditioning units and exhaust air systems. Another recent multi-milliondollar redevelopment project Key Services undertook was to complete the mechanical redevelopment of the Chiefly Plaza Mall. The work comprised of replacement of the existing water-cooled packaged air conditioning systems serving retail areas with new chilled water fan coil unit air conditioning systems. This project was successfully completed within just 6 months. With such great quality service delivery, it is clear to see why Key Services has been awarded Leading Air Conditioning & Mechanical Services Provider – New South Wales. As a provider of such high-quality standards of service, it is sure to only be further strengthened by its many successes. Contact: Jessica Ishac Company: Key Services Pty Ltd Web Address: keyservices.com.au