Q2 2023

“I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling or rewarding,” Maz gushes. “I live and breathe training women in Creatrix® so they can change women’s lives for the better by changing the mindset, thoughts, insecurities, and emotions that don’t serve them, like magic.” programme, the modality checklist all coaches should read before studying any programmes to empower women; and the step-by-step guide, “20 Creative Ways to Get Coaching Clients”. All of these, and more, are available online and give a thorough insight into empowering women with impact. Creatrix® has the elements of a spontaneous, natural wakeup call moment, just as Maz had experienced once, with those who experience it reporting they never think the same again, being able to achieve what they couldn’t before as well as feeling stronger on the inside. In the shock moment, most of those who have experienced it, including Maz, will say it’s as if time stood still, the world went silent, and their faculties were momentarily suspended, while they gained a new value of life, with more balanced emotional regulation making them feel empowered to change for the better… and the old thinking having disappeared. So, whilst reflecting from a filter-less place, they reset to a healthier perspective on life, themselves, others, and the world. Time, faculties, or outside interference being suspended keeps the woman well disassociated and disconnected from her current painful reality long enough to realise what she must to entirely shift the thoughts, beliefs, values, and even her attitude, all at once. Maz says, “It’s like the cells and DNA are learning from the issues and stresses, remembering their natural design was a blueprint of a content, happy, thriving person at one point, which stops the pattern of the ‘issues’ and ‘stresses’ even being able to be triggered at all any more. This is breaking generational cycles, creating better, cleaner DNA for generations to come.” Maz describes Creatrix®’s cutting-edge methods and teachings as “the future of psychology and personal development for women”, encouraging clients to work with their unique female design, rather than against it, to achieve deep levels of fulfilment and success. The process instantly transforms a woman from the core, enabling her to let go of her past and resolve insecurities and inner conflict so she can heal and reframe in order to be more productive and find inner peace. In some cases, Creatrix® heals relationships and brings back creativity and heightens intuition. Those women who take on the role of Transformologist® are the ones who make this happen – and they love it because they get to witness and skilfully guide fellow women to their own unravelling and realising which makes complete sense to them, even if not to anyone else. Transformologists® don’t have to learn how the brain works, or understand much more beyond the job of facilitating and guiding, because the method works by them staying out of it, not advising, teaching, or diagnosing. Creatrix® is so ground-breaking that it was featured in a full cinematic documentary entitled “Impact”, released in 2019 and now available to watch on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. For the film, three people were selected to receive coaching from the world’s best coaches for 12 months, and two of these had such deeply rooted emotional issues that the film’s director asked Maz to fly over to them to provide coaching – otherwise the entire documentary wouldn’t have been able to proceed. They found Maz online when searching for someone who specialised specifically in fast emotional healing, was confident, willing to fly to L.A. within the month, but also had a sound, professional reputation, only five-star reviews, and hundreds of videos of evidence that she could achieve what she promises to. She did just this, set these women free of their blocks, and that’s how Creatrix® came to feature in a full featured documentary, and save the film in the process. Ultimately, Maz’s dream is to help 10 million women change their own destiny, by gaining enough coaches, leaders, and therapists to add Creatrix® to the top shelf of tools for women. As part of the programme, Maz’s Transformologists® access their own Creatrix®, so they become the evidence, and become role models of the power of the method. Company: UN-Institute of Women™ Contact: Marylin (Maz) Schirmer Email: [email protected] Website: www.instituteofwomen.com or mazschirmer.com.au