Q2 2023

Maz (Marylin) Schirmer is the mastermind behind Creatrix®, the revolutionary breakthrough healing methodology that has been developed exclusively for women, who’ve struggled to get lasting results from programs and modalities in the past. Her facilitators describe it as unlike anything else on the planet and women who try it ask ‘why has no one ever thought of this before’. Maz and her company, UN-Institute of Women™ (UWI) are on a mission to find the right women to train as Transformologists, whose purpose is to be involved in creating a better future for women now and in the future. Maz Schirmer has come a long way to get to where she is today, continuing to prove that anything is possible as long as you have the right tools, understanding, education, and support in place. Maz has had her share of trauma throughout her life, and it was when she experienced a wakeup call in her thirties that she took herself from being an unemployed checkout operator and abused single mother living in hiding with her four small children, to achieving what most women could only dream of. At the age of 32, Maz’s wakeup call came in the form of an epileptic fit – coming around from which, she says felt like time was standing still – and she turned her life around on a dime. This ‘wakeup call’ or ‘life awakening’ moment, usually triggered by shocking news or a near-tragic event is a natural phenomenon of ‘coming into awareness, decision making, or realisation often involving reflection on the gravity of the fragility of mortality’. In that moment, Maz’s life flashed before her eyes, and things haven’t been the same for her since. She went on to achieve wealth and freedom, becoming number 1 in 10 countries in her own Fortune 500 company, travelling the world, and training women leaders in business success and personal development. However, she came to realise that something much deeper was sabotaging women, no matter what herself or her fellow top trainers taught, demonstrated, or role-played to them: their self-doubts and insecurities. Maz realised even the best of the best programmes were not sustainable for at least 8-9 of the women they trained. Even after 15 years of bringing them the best or newest mindset shifting programmes available. Maz walked away from it all when she realised the teachings from even the best-selling success authors of all time – such as goal setting, planning your work and working your plan, compartmentalising, and consistency being the keys to success – were designed by men, and that they simply don’t work for most women. Despite this coaching not working for them, successful women were still teaching it to others, because they were told they were exceptions to the rule just like Maz, and that they would be all the more successful if they did what they were ‘supposed’ to. Maz has proven how ineffective these teachings are for women by identifying that there really is a biological difference based on the reproductive organs a woman is born with; these affect the female brain, including hormones and mind processes. The truth is these one-size-fitsall processes and teachings simply don’t fit female needs, with Maz comparing them to trying to run Android software on an iPhone – It just doesn’t work. Women are complex, intricate beings, and often these traditional techniques don’t get to the root cause of their issues, because they are simply not designed for the way their minds work. That’s why Maz sought about creating her own programme in Creatrix®. Now with more than 25 years of incredible international success and ground-breaking research under her belt, Maz’s sciencebacked and proven Creatrix® process is a world-first that understands women from the inside out and enables them to heal from their past traumas. For her work and the extraordinary impact it continues to have, she has been recognised with multiple accolades including three International Stevie Awards in 2017 – Entrepreneur of the Year, Women Helping Women, and Most Innovative Company – and within the 2018 Women’s Economic Forum Awards for her impact on women. A huge part of the work Maz does is as founder and owner of Institute of Women International™ (which only this month has rebranded to UnInstitute of Women™), and she is joined by women who are equally as passionate about helping others to overcome their stress, deeper limiting beliefs and insecurities, and feel empowered. She currently has 220 Transformologist® facilitators around the world who are trained and supported to deliver the Creatrix® process in the place of the modalities and regular personal development programmes most commonly used. As a result of the earnwhile-you-learn Creatrix® Transformology® study programme, UWI’s facilitators can confidently take clients through the Creatrix® process and transform their lives in just a few sessions. Maz is also author of “The MAZ Factor”, in which she tells her “gutsy”, rags-to-riches true story. This is in addition to having penned “Learn the Secret of Unblocking Women” which teaches readers how to boldly ‘out-do any counsellor, therapist, or coach and guarantee lasting results for female clients’. Other outstanding resources available from Maz are ‘The CREATRIX® method, 40 Women, 100 Issues, 1 Solution’ in which 40 women share how Creatrix ® transformed their lives through Maz’s Creatrix® Most Innovative Female Empowerment Program 2023: Creatrix® Jan23360