Q2 2023

your expectations. And, if you have ideas and concepts, regardless of complexity, ADDCOM will work alongside you to create exactly what you need. From concept to completion, ADDCOM provides long-term support, all so the success of your projects is guaranteed. Thankfully, ADDCOM has every necessary tool at its disposal to suit all of your component needs. Whether you’re looking for electrical components that are commonly used, or more niche lines that are difficult to obtain elsewhere, ADDCOM can both manufacture and distribute these parts to you with no difficulties whatsoever. Partnering alongside such a talented distributer is an opportunity that cannot be passed up, and you’ll find yourself inundated with experts who are each eager to see the success of your projects and businesses. Regardless of your need, ADDCOM will have the solution. And, with such a friendly and responsive team, what’s not to love? Contact: Mr Calvin Tan Company: Addcom Solution Pte Ltd Web Address: https://addcom.com.sg/