Q2 2022

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 31 , As the popularity of the blockchain continues to increase, businesses have found it necessary to explore ways of incorporating it into their structures. Specialists, such as those at SUBX, have empowered these early adopters to innovate in a way that is both fast and cost-effective. In the Singapore Business Awards 2022, SUBX was named Best Business Blockchain Service Provider 2022. We thought it time to take a closer look at these pioneers in the industry. Many enterprises are determined to be on the cutting edge of what technology has to offer, and for many looking at the world of finance, the clear frontrunner is web3 and blockchain technology. The team at SUBX are determined to help these businesses to thrive, leveraging the numerous benefits of this innovative technology so they can access it as straightforwardly as possible. The team’s position as a blockchain-as-a-service provider means that businesses can seamlessly integrate web3 technologies into their products and services. Their impressive array of products empowers organisations to have the courage to innovate with new technologies such as blockchain, metaverse and DeFi technology. The team have built a collection of platforms, with more on the way, to leverage their various products. The result is unique value propositions for both businesses and consumers. Working in a manner that is fast and cost-effective, it’s little wonder that the firm has achieved such incredible success, but driving this technology out into the wider community has been no easy task. The team having to overcome many misconceptions about the nature of the industry as a whole. Their products, therefore, are not only driving technology forward, but is designed to be defended against Building On the Blockchain these accusations. To ensure the ultimate in security, the team have adopted their own cryptocurrency token that businesses can use to access many of the team’s products as well as earning staking rewards The success of SUBX has allowed for the developing of a burgeoning team that can be found in countries around the world. Based out of Singapore, with a satellite office in Lisbon, this fifteenstrong team has already found incredible acclaim from the business community. Anyone who shares the team’s vision of driving forward the adoption of blockchain technology globally is more than welcome to join the team on their mission. In such an innovative industry, it’s vital that the team stay ahead of the competition when it comes to the latest developments. To mitigate any potential risks, the team often consult subject matter experts for their knowledge, as well as paying for audits, and avoiding experimental chains and contract systems. A bad result for SUBX could see many organisations becoming disillusioned with what the blockchain has to offer, so guaranteeing a good experience is vital. During 2022, the team intend to continue expanding their range of products and platforms. These will naturally integrate their native token that has become such a staple of SUBX products. As the team continues to grow the business, it’s clear that this is a market leader in the making. Forging a new path that no one has seen before is by no means easy, but this is a path that is sure to lead to success. Company: SUBX PTE LTD Email: [email protected] Website: https://subx.finance/ Feb22474