Q2 2022

18 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Diligent Day Care Service Secures Success Do you know the best day care or preschools near you? The team at ProEves know how important this is and have taken steps to secure continued success for parents and their children. In the APAC Business Awards 2021, the team were named Best Corporate Day Care & Diversity Solutions Provider – India. We dig a little deeper to discover more about the secrets of their success. With so many options for preschools, playschools, nursery or day cares, it can be overwhelming to discover the best possible option for you and your children. The team at ProEves offer an invaluable service, bringing together the brightest and best of what India has to offer and presenting it to parents in a way that is clear and concise. With so many options on the table, it’s little wonder that the capacity of the team at ProEves to explore every possibility has brought them tremendous success over the years. Few can argue with their incredible results, as the team has assisted people not just to find the best place to look after a child, but the right place for each individual. No two people’s circumstances are the same, and maintaining a flexible approach has been crucial to securing continued success. By becoming India’s fastest growing aggregator of day cares and preschools, the team at ProEves have become increasingly able to offer perspectives that their clients cannot dream of. Whilst many day cares offer traditional services, the ProEves team thrive because they have introduced innovative flexibility such as hourly or flexible day services. The way in which parents are bringing up their children is constantly changing, and this means that the day care industry must change to meet it. At the heart of this approach is a deeply personal connection to parents. The team offer ProEves counsellors who can support their clients in choosing the right option for them and their kids. This includes exploring various references and reviews, understanding the fee structures and setting appointments with centres. There are so many brands to chose from that having an expert on hand from a trusted source such as ProEves is a boon. Whilst parental contact is vital, the team are also in constant communication with the team’s childcare partners. This close connection not only ensures that the ProEves team can offer up-to-date information on what services they provide, but can push them to offer services that suit the needs of their clients. The team at ProEves aim to move the needle when it comes to gender diversity, using solutions that are concrete and fact-based in every respect. Their success has seen them recognised for their efforts both by parents and by the media. The ProEves team also offer an impressive selection of preschool programs which are available in a variety of formats to suit the needs of working families. These courses each vary significantly, and have been able to garner the trust and favour of thousands of different families since their inception. The NEP enabled curriculum makes it the best online preschool program, using digital technology and various worksheets to reinforce what has been taught. For those who want their children to have a head start, there are few options better. Everybody wants the best for their children, and the team at ProEves have gone a long way to ensuring this for their customers. Their entire approach is built around an attitude which puts the needs of the children first and foremost at all times. Their tremendous achievement has had an immensely positive impact on the childcare industry in India, and is certain to push the way forward for many years to come. Company: ProEves Name: Ketika Kapoor Email: [email protected]