Q2 2022

14 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Best Coaching & Organisational Development Consultancy 2022 Established to support individuals, employees, and business process optimisation through coaching and organisational development, MATCHFiT Consults is a team of ICF credentialed coaches and consultants from the talent management, professional services, psychology, organisational development and education fields. Recognised as the Best Coaching and Organisational Development Consultancy of 2022, MATCHFiT provides the glue to company and career longevity. Ultimately, MATCHFiT Consults helps to transition and transform businesses and individual careers from point A to point B through a unique deconstructed and modernised learning and development lifecycle. These cycles are designed to achieve company and personal career improvement objectives through the combined utilisation of innovative solutions and the dedication of MATCHFiT’s unmatched industry expertise. Managing Director Lillian Latto expands on this, saying, “Whether we’re wearing our coaches or consultants hat, we facilitate conversations to co-create strategies to action ambition to realise our client’s vision and mission. Connecting the seen and unseen via values and beliefs as career, company objectives, and life can be interdependent – more so today than ever before. It’s a paradigm we’re living in. We respect it, and it’s intertwined into all our B2B and B2C services, so we don’t miss what is crucial to our clients.” At MATCHFiT, the company has developed several coaching programmess designed in-house and, since its establishment, has supported clients in helping them realise their potential. These programs vary from leadership and executive coaching, career preparation, profiling assessments to organisation and team coaching and mentoring, to name but a few. In addition to these programs, MATCHFiT also provides 30-minute FOC consultations to determine if MATCHFiT is the right partner for individuals in order for them to achieve their needs. “We’re in the ‘people’ business, and our directive is to ensure our clients are ‘fit’ for purpose within our areas of know-how. We achieve this by working as a collective, resulting in authentic relationships, peoplecentric cultures, and careers throughout L&D service offerings. It’s that simple,” explains Lillian. Because of the company’s unique offerings and wide variety of services, MATCHFiT has been able to work with companies of all sizes who strive to make a personal investment in their abilities – serving MNCs, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and individualised clients. Of crucial importance in regards to this, MATCHFiT is built on a foundation of understanding that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all – as all businesses are unique, and require a bespoke, individualised touch. “This isn’t a one solution fits all shop – hence our name MATCHFiT – we tailor and co-create solutions to suit the clients situation, environment, needs and objectives. ” However, it goes without saying that MATCHFiT has had to adapt and evolve with the modernisation of society, even more so with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way businesses operate. While the company already worked virtually with clients outside APAC the Americas and European regions, MATCHFiT had to do more of this as restrictions became mandatory. “It wasn’t a huge transition, but obviously, it took some time to modify to suit the ever-changing situation. The biggest initial hit was that clients were putting coaching and L&D projects on hold as they recoiled from the initial shock,” explains Lillian. Fortunately for MATCHFiT, the pandemic provided additional opportunities for the business as it could work with clients in a facilitation capacity to work out the next steps. “Regardless of our size, like most businesses, large or small, I think you’d find similarities in the challenges. But, I think for us, it was more about our attraction strategy.” Furthermore, now that the worst is hopefully behind us all, MATCHFiT has been able to slowly flourish, adding additional features to its business in the hopes of diversifying its solutions. Indeed, as of the summer of 2021, MATCHFiT has launched its UK and European branches, so that the team can operate in the same timezone as its clients. Moreover, for the near future, MATCHFiT is working tirelessly to gain further traction in a new business landscape, with the addition of new coaching programmess as well. All in all, everything is in place for MATCHFiT to thrive over the coming year. Built on a robust foundation of expertise, experience and client centricity, it has the tools and resources to hand to deliver best in class solutions for businesses of all sizes. With that in mind, it is absolutely deserving of the accolade it was given by APAC Insider Magazine. Company: MATCHFiT Consults Name: Lillian Latto Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.MATCHFiTconsults.com