Q2 2021

12 APAC / Issue Q2 2021 , Small Business Solutions Secure Success Digital solutions are essential to amodern business, but often small enterprises struggle to access the latest way of working. Runaway Digital Solutions opens the door to a whole new world of commerce. We take a closer look at this incredible firm to see just what a difference it has made to the way inwhich industry operates across the APAC region. In 2010, the world was starting to change. The internet had established itself, but many enterprises had yet to establish themselves within this new commercial opportunity. For small business owners, the challenge was to create a proper eCommerce website on which they could operate easily and effectively. It was a niche which the team at Runaway Digital Solutions would fill with flying colours. For the last decade, the team have been able to provide affordable digital solutions for SMEs and business owners in the eCommerce industry. With a lean structure and zero rental cost, they have found a way of working which can be afforded by even the smallest of operators. At the beginning, the team were only able to offer web development service, but over the years this has expanded to include digital marketing, social media management and marketing, website maintenance service and marketplace related services. The most recent addition is localisation services for Southeast Asia markets as well as data analytics solutions. In short, turning to Runaway Digital Solutions ensures a comprehensive approach to a business’s presence online. This approach, which has expanded as the eCommerce industry has matured and developed, has empowered many to make important steps forward with their companies. It’s impossible to underestimate the importance that a digital marketing strategy has today, let alone the value it will hold in the future. The techniques used by Runaway Digital Solutions are designed specifically to allow businesses to try out eCommerce while not burning their life savings. These companies will often use products such as Canva for design, Zapier for some automation work and Wordpress with WooCommerce for website development. To ensure that clients get the best results possible, the team are constantly researching new ways of working that makes digital endeavours accessible to small businesses. To create the capacity for this rapid response, the only staff in the company is its founder. When Runaway Digital Solutions takes on a project, it partners with appropriate talent from a range of different talented companies. This allows them to meet the needs of the moment, providing a speedy response that is tailormade to the business. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has proven particularly important, with higher online traffic and a change in the way that people operate that seems set to stay the same for the foreseeable future. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the future seems bright for this agile firm. The need to open up the world of data to small businesses is the next big step for the organisation, and Runaway Digital Solutions has already begun to explore affordable data analytics solutions that help brands make better decisions and stay competitive in an increasingly turbulent environment. This sort of decision is not one that businesses come to naturally, and 2020 saw Runaway Digital Solutions offer zoom learning as an effective way forward for clients. Instead of waiting for clients to come to them for services, Runaway Digital Solutions has developed courses that will empower small business owners to not only build but also manage their own eCommerce websites, manage their marketplaces well, and also design their own promotional material. It’s a decision that will allow the team to focus their services on higher level needs moving forward. By taking such a proactive step, it’s clear that the firm is of great value to many. The philosophy of Runaway Digital Solutions is one that is always looking forward to the next endeavour, and finding ways to ensure that no business is left behind. It’s an approach that has kept the firm constantly relevant, and also ensures that no matter how the world of digital marketing changes, they will always be at the frontline on behalf of their customers. Company: Runaway Digital Solutions Contact: Ada Leow Web Address: https://runaway.com.sg/ Email: [email protected] Feb21468