Q2 2021

10 APAC / Issue Q2 2021 , Rebels With A Cause Best Events Management Company 2021 MJD-PRO is a full-service events management agency committed to going above and beyond to create spectacles that amaze and inspire. Managing Director / Chief Creative, Ching Eng Han, tells us more about the company as it celebrates success at the Singapore Business Awards 2021. Labelled as ‘rebels’ and ‘outstanding for the wrong reasons’ by some, for others, MJD-PRO Group is the leader in forward-thinking, creative and passionate event management. The Singapore- based agency is equipped with vast in-house capabilities, enabling its team to deliver full services, from conceptualisation to the production of events which are outstanding for all the right reasons. Marrying the unique flavour of MJD-PRO creativity with its skills in ‘technical marketing’, the agency, led by Chief Creative, Ching Eng Han, is dedicated to giving 500% in every project, driven by its core values of Design, Amaze, and Inspire. Eng Han explains, “We make sure we design the event from the ground up, designing the concept, flow and look of it. We make sure that the event will be breath- taking and amaze everyone who went to it, making sure that the experience is etched into the back of their mind. Last but not least, we inspire those who went to our projects and events to be more inspired in life by the experiences they have enjoyed, while also inspiring our competitors to do better to keep up with us.” While these values and the customer-based mentality have remained consistent at the core of MJD-PRO’s ethos since day one, its methods and capabilities have expanded in order to deliver results that leave their clients in awe. A one-stop solution that covers all their needs in Events Management, Conceptualisation, Audio Visual Production, Production Work, and Logistical Operations, MJD-PRO boasts the flexibility and unique freedom that could only be achieved by having all its services in-house. The result is a service that exceeds expectations every time. “We differentiate ourselves from potential competitors by being more than willing to go the extra mile,” says Eng Han. “There is a Chinese phrase which translates into ‘spare a thought for others’. We proudly do this from the bottom of our hearts. Even as the boss, I have to get my hands dirty to make sure the client is happy with the end results.” However hands-on Eng Han may be, he relies heavily on his team to carry out his visions for excellence: “We believe in a team-based mentality. We always compare ourselves to a soccer team, where each person has a different role to play and we always set our targets on Oct20525 the end season goal. Take me, for example: on field, I am the captain of the team and the Centre Back, making sure I am the last man to make the hard tackle and putting my life on the line to defend the goal from every threat. As for my project manager, I see her as my striker, taking those chances to score goals with her wit and creative ideas.” Serving a broad spectrum of clients that spans from government agencies to luxury brands to other event agencies and production companies, MJD- PRO works alongside companies of all shapes and sizes, and is especially grateful to them for their continued support, even in the challenging period of the last year. The entirety of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions (MICE) sector has been hit hard, with MJD-PRO seeing its activities reduced by 90% to livestream and broadcast events only. However, unfailingly positive even in the face of adversity, MJD-PRO has seen this as an exciting opportunity to expand its capabilities. “One of the main benefits that have arisen is that since some of the team have experience in photography or filming, they are now able to put their hidden talents to use,” says Eng Han. “We decided to take this time to help certain groups who have difficulty in filming or livestreaming as a passion project. For example, we will be helping some students with their concert broadcast.” This marks the beginning of MJD-PRO’s next stage of growth, as it develops its livestreaming and filming capabilities through training courses in order to build the potential for a new dedicated department. The firm is also in the process of developing its own 3D animation studio with extended reality capabilities, the launch of which will be another exciting step forward for MJD-PRO. “One thing that won’t change is that we will still want to pursue our passion, which is to produce events,” says Eng Han of his plans for the future for MJD- PRO. “We are looking into more ways to create interactive events where we can engage audiences from other parts of the world.” With ambitions set high for global expansion and technical development, MJD-PRO is undoubtedly proving that it will be one to watch in 2021 and beyond. Contact: Ching Eng Han Company: MJD-PRO Group Web Address: mjd-pro.com