APAC Issue Q2 2019

APAC / Issue Q2 2019 9 , Healthy and Locally Sourced Food for the Pickiest of Little Eaters By all regards, the world is being consumed by an obsession with all things health, fitness and wellness, creating a new global goliath on the business landscape. From wellness retreats and mindfulness, to yoga, meditation and spin classes, the health market continues to expand and find new opportunities for growth. Equally, people are more eager to learn about the food that they put into their bodies, realising that, to put it simply, what we eat matters – beyond trying to lose that extra couple of pounds. Children have, for the most part, been stereotyped for their picky eating habits, as true as it might be. It can be notoriously difficult to help these picky individuals to branch out and explore new taste horizons, as they stubbornly cling to tried and tested favourites. Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen was designed, from the ground up, to offer international cuisine in a way that was new, different and – above all – healthy. Vitally, each of the company’s recipes are gluten and lactose free, and use natural, locally sourced ingredients to ensure the highest quality product. Based in Australia, Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen has grown an impressive reputation on the back of a relatively simply premise: creating good quality food for the pickiest of eaters, and suitable for a variety of food intolerances. In January, Coco & Lucas’ Kitchenwas recognised as ‘Australia’s Leading Provider of Nutritionally BalancedMeals’ in APAC Insider’s 2019 Business Excellence programme. We took a deeper look at the firm to find out more. For Diem Fuggersberger, CEO and Co-Founder of Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen, creating healthy options for kids was the priority, realising that there were a number of unhealthy alternatives on the market. By considering food intolerances and preferences, she has further distinguished the company, becoming one of the premier brands on the Australian consumer landscape. Naturally then, Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen is the perfect recipient of the ‘Leading provider of Nutritionally Balanced Meals’ accolade, as they look to strengthen their position in this important sector. Address: 2/17 Willfox St, Condell Park, NSW 2200, Australia Website: http://cocoandlucas.com.au Telephone: +61 297 098 893

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