APAC Issue Q2 2019

4 APAC / Issue Q2 2019 NEWS , Beacon Hospital Treats First Patient in Malaysia on Varian Halcyon System Varian (NYSE: VAR) announced a 62-year-oldmale with thyroid cancer was the first patient inMalaysia to be treated on the Halcyon™ systemat BeaconHospital in Selangor. Halcyon simplifies and en- hances virtually every aspect of image-guided volumetric in- tensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), including improved pa- tient comfort and shortening the time from installation to first-treat- ment without sacrificing quality. The system is well suited to treat a majority of cancer patients, of- fering advanced treatments for lung, prostate, breast, head & neck, and many other forms of cancer. "We are proud to be the first hos- pital in Southeast Asia equipped with the Halcyon system, and now local cancer patients no longer have to travel abroad to seek advanced cancer care," said Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Wahid, medical director and consultant clinical oncologist at Beacon Hospital. "At Beacon Hospital, we strive to provide advanced cancer care to our patients, and we understand the anxiety and fear patients go through during treatment. The speed of treatment with Halcyon combined with the patient-fo- cused features like the ambient lighting in the gantry opening, the integrated sound system and the couch-mounted camera, help al- leviate patient concerns." "Varian is dedicated to increas- ing access to advanced cancer care globally," said Kenneth Tan, president Asia Pacific, Varian. "Halcyon was designed to deliver high-quality treatments and em- power clinicians to care for more patients. It is great to see Beacon Hospital now treating patients on the system and offering these ad- vanced treatments to patients in Malaysia." Halcyon features a streamlined workflow that only requires nine steps from the start to the end of treatment compared to up to more than 30 steps with older technolo- gies. To assist in the reduction of time and construction costs from installation to first patient treat- ment, Halcyon offers expedited commissioning, requires less shielding than traditional systems, can fit in the majority of existing small vaults and can be installed in two weeks or less.

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