Q1 2023

STC Lawyers a law firm specialising in immigration law. It is at the forefront of driving talent mobility, technology, investment through its provision of immigration legal services globally and particularly within the APAC region. Whether its clients are a start-up business with five employees, a listed company with a global presence or just an individual looking to make a move, STC Lawyers has the immigration legal knowledge and diverse industry experience to help. Australia is a major destination for all cultures to invest, migrate, and settle. It boasts an excellent work-life balance, high salary levels, great welfare benefits, well-rounded education for children, affordable property prices, great environment that’s free from natural disasters and many other benefits. Australia acts as a haven and a place that offers opportunities and choices, thus why professionals like STC Lawyers work to help people find their place in the country. STC Lawyers and Associates is a law firm with immigration legal services at its core. It is an expert in all Australian inbound immigration matters, achieving exceptional results particularly in the Global Talent Visa (GTI). It hosts a team of qualified Australian immigration lawyers and professionals whom clients can trust thanks to their decades of legal experience, insights, and networks in Australia. As both key stakeholders/ high volume user of the program, STC’s team are leading lawyers that bring hundreds of exceptionally talented individuals from across APAC to Australia within the Digitech, Fintech, MedTech, infrastructure, Agri-tech and other industries. Including CTOs and heads of research and development at an individual level from global tech giants such as Apple, Accenture, Atlassian, Google, Microsoft, Telstra, VIVO, and Facebook. Its clients include students, academics, working professionals, entrepreneurs and company founders. For them, STC aims to provide tailored legal solutions to help its clients migrate and successfully integrate into the Australian lifestyle. In addition, STC also works as legal representatives for multiple C-level and other senior executives across multiple Fortune500 global companies. This includes working alongside representatives from many of the top investment and accounting firms as well as banks, insurance companies, and many more organisations STC offers its services to organisations across Australia, where its team’s knowledge and support are utilised by international companies across all critical priority sectors. These include top property groups, investment funds, hotel chains, and media companies across industries such as banking, mining, technology, infrastructure, and tourism, as well as supporting multiple startups. Whether they are looking to enter the market or expand beyond Australia’s borders, STC Lawyers can facilitate and advise organisations of any size in their endeavours. This has proven essential for numerous individuals and businesses over the years. The Australian points-based migration system has always been highly competitive; STC knows better than most how it is riddled with rapid occupation based and legislative changes across various states and regional areas. As such, STC Lawyers assess its client’s circumstances, help obtain the required assessments, and resolve all the challenges along the way. Beyond that, STC Lawyers helps its clients maintain ties to Australia and meet the residency requirement to apply for a resident return visa or Australian citizenship. Also, STC helps its clients appeal visa cancellations or refusals, whether with a tribunal, Minister or court. Its services have a far-reaching impact globally regarding delivering and driving talent, technology, and investment where needed. STC focus on the quality of service and have extensive networks, particularly within APAC, working closely with the government, universities, academics, investment firms, and the best of each industry to produce highly desired outcomes. As STC focuses on the quality of its services, it prioritises employee attitude regarding its internal recruitment. As the firm has a high volume of senior professional clientele, the majority being mid level management or higher, it is a fast-paced working environment, so a can-do attitude is a must. The line of work also requires an innovative mind and sound understanding of diverse areas and global trends, in addition to retaining a lawyer’s meticulous and legal research skills. In immigration, sweeping changes occur daily. Staying ahead means remaining informed and on top of these developments. For example, due to the world’s economic outlook predicting closer ties between Australia and neighbouring APAC countries, as can be seen with the ongoing negotiations regarding hydrogen technology, semiconductor development, military government contracts, carbon investment and other small to largescale developments between Australia with Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, STC Lawyers plans to continue the expansion within these adjacent regions. Another includes the Each one remains at the forefront of STC’s plans and strategies, and it continues to adapt and bring in talent and technology whilst collaborating with all relevant parties. STC Lawyers is uniquely placed at the forefront of driving talent, technology, innovation, and investment within the APAC region. This is thanks to the continued provision of its legal services and related consultancy that has connected it to senior executives and topcalibre clients at the heads of innovative technology within APAC. Technology and innovation are the future, and STC believes it must be fuelled by talent, investment, and funding. Those same investments aren’t just present in STC’s exploration of new technologies and their usage, it has also ensured that the firm is poised to expand into areas beyond immigration law. This includes legal advice and support for property and Excellence Award in Immigration Law 2022 Sep22264