Q1 2023

Jan22686 As the leading manufacturer of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil (TPO) and the largest tyre recycling facility in India, Royal Carbon Black Private Limited (RCBL) is at the top of its game. We profile the company and find out more as it is recognised in the APAC Business Awards 2022 for its diligence. Best Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Manufacturer - India Over 15 million tons of waste tyres are generated every year across the globe. Of these 15 million, many will catch fire due to their size and flammability, releasing clouds of toxic black smoke into the air. Due to the non-decomposable nature of tyres, many will sit around in the sun where they will release toxic methane gas into air, plus end-of-life-tyre (ELT) dumps pollute soil and ground water too. In India alone, 275,000 tyres are discarded every day, generating 1.5 million tons of ELTs per annum, of which 60% are disposed of through illegal dumping. Royal Carbon Black is providing the solution to the global issue of waste tyres by converting them into sustainable products. As a leading company in India’s tyre recycling industry, Royal Carbon Black Private Limited has the capacity to process 70,000 tons of tyres per year and is therefore well-equipped to meet the demands of the market. Founded in 2010, RCBL is one of the pioneers in the tyre recycling industry and, over the past decade, has gained a wealth of experience in this field, positioning it as a leader in the market. Located in Patalganga, just 70km from Mumbai, the company’s premises are spread across 70 acres, providing ample space for its operations, and it employs more than 300 people. Vishesh Agarwal, is the Chief Executive Officer of RCBL. He has graduated from Babson College in Boston, USA and has been Nov22220 involved in the management of the group since 2011. He has exceptional understanding of the recycling industry, new age technology, and has been a pioneer in the sector. Under his leadership, RCBL has grown tremendously, and its offerings have expanded to include various value-added product lines of carbon black and master batch manufacturing. “The most effective solution is to recycle waste tyres and recover all the valuable resources which can be re-used as raw material in a different industry,” Vivesh explains. RCBL’s tyre recycling process involves the use of pyrolysis, a technology that breaks down the tyre’s materials into various components, including pyrolysis oil, steel, and recovered carbon black. These products are then used in a range of applications, including the production of masterbatch, a compound used in the manufacture of plastic products. In addition to the pyrolysis oil, RCBL also produces crumb rubber. This is a granulated form of rubber that is created through the grinding of recycled tyres. It is often used as a replacement for raw materials in the production of a variety of products, including rubber mats, flooring, and athletic surfaces. The production of crumb rubber at RCBL is made possible using advanced machinery and techniques including the Scandinavian EDLAN machine. The company’s state-of-theart facilities are equipped with the latest technology, allowing it to produce high-quality crumb rubber that meets the standards of its customers. As well as this, RCBL is home to a recovered carbon black facility. Carbon black is a key ingredient in the production of tyres and other rubber and plastic products as raw materials, and the recovered carbon black produced at the facility is of the highest quality. The company’s recovered carbon black is used in a variety of applications, including the manufacture of tyres, rubber products, and other industrial goods. The recovered carbon black facility is designed to maximise efficiency and minimise waste. The company’s commitment to sustainability is evident in all aspects of its operations, including the production of recovered carbon black. Since its inception, the company has consistently focused on providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. With a team of experienced professionals, RCBL is dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage of the tyre recycling process, from collection and transportation to processing and final product production. With a yearly revenue of more than $25 million, RCBL is a major player and its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility has made it a preferred choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint and support the circular economy through a responsible and reliable partner. Recently, for its dedication and commitment to the industry, and its sustainable approach, RCBL was recognised in the APAC Business Awards 2022 and named Best Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Manufacturer – India. We would like to congratulate the company on this prestigious achievement and wish it a bright and lucrative future! Contact: Vishesh Agarwal Company: Royal Carbon Black Private Limited Web: https://www.rcbl.in/