Q1 2023

Feb22538 Created to help entrepreneurs start their small business journey, and learn the skills they need to succeed, The Small Business Launching Pad operates in the Southeast Region of Melbourne. We find out more from one of the two trainers as the organisation celebrates a win in the APAC Business Awards 2022. The Small Business Launching Pad (SBLP) provides practical pathways through its tailored programmes for job seekers, career changers, and those looking to start a business. Each programme has been developed to aid learners through positive and engaging techniques that will make a difference. SBLP courses are inclusive of all learners with a focus on practical skills and are delivered around Melbourne and beyond. Amanda Wright is the Founder of SBLP and is passionate about the personal development of her students. She works alongside fellow educator, and Business Manager, Eddie Moore. “Our proudest moments come when our students are able to achieve their goals,” enthuses Eddie. “Over the last few years, SBLP has embraced the new employment demands. We have been pro-active, and developed partnerships with a variety of local business to create employment pathways for our community.” As a partner with Employment Service Providers and Employers, SBLP has the ability to create employment pathways for its students. On successfully completing the course, students are then able to attend an interview for employment with one or more employers depending on their employment preferences. With both Eddie and Amanda having roughly 20 years of experience in a cross section of different industries, this means that SBLP has the perfect combination of subject matter expertise. With both trainers being experienced in a wide range of industries, this provides insight into the needs of an employer and what they are looking for. Collaboration with Local Council, working committees, and community organisations also help to identify training gaps in areas such as digital literacy and what support services can be offered to help the students achieve their goals to employment. SBLP also has the ability to adapt to the changing needs of its audience to ensure that the training programmes remain relevant to those who participate. There is also a strong focus at SBLP on building the individuals’ levels of confidence, providing a safe place to learn without judgement, and identify their strengths, weaknesses, values, and soft skills. It is these finer details which successfully distinguish SBLP from its competitors. “The advantage of being a small business in the preaccredited training space allows us to adapt to the needs of the employers and job seekers,” Eddie elaborates. “SBLP also has the flexibility to change or modify course content to suit the target audience.” SBLP was very fortunate to be able to build a pathway for employment for jobseekers who were not vaccinated during the Covid-19 pandemic. The role offered was a 100% work from home position, meaning people could still find work in a safe and secure environment. Here is what one of the students, Kirsty Corless, had to say: “I recently completed the Call Centre Training Course with Eddie and Amanda. Their knowledge on call centres and customer service was invaluable. Not to mention they are awesome people! They provided a friendly and caring learning environment, and everyone was made to feel part of the team. They really brought out the best in everybody. I’ve taken away so many new skills and look forward to using them. I would 110% recommend training with the SBLP. “ Recently, The Small Business Launching Pad gained recognition in the APAC Business Awards 2022 and was honoured with the title of Best Small-Business Focused Training Firm 2022 – VIC. This award is testament to the dedication and commitment that both Amanda and Eddie have put into the organisation over the years, along with the determination to ensure their students meet their employment goals. Contact: Eddie Moore Company: The Small Business Launching Pad Web Address: http://www.sblp.com.au/ Best Small-Business Focused Training Firm 2022 – VIC Oct22468